An introduction…..

……to a few of my many pets……with some people added in for good measure 🙂


This is Bob making himself comfortable on my thread bin. I try to hide it under this skirt when it is not in use and it has become a regular sleeping spot for any number of my cats that happen to stroll by. Bob is a shelter cat who had a terrible encounter with the underneath part of a car before he was rescued by the shelter. As a result he is “Bob” tailed and his back feet are clubbed. He is a happy and safe cat now.


Hopefully you can make out the blob of kitty on top of the mattress. This is Trax….another shelter cat. He is the one who will try to jump to the highest point he can find……which is exactly what he did when my Hubby was moving the mattress of the second daybed to find it’s way onto the back porch. Trax is a lovable cat who was wasting away to nothing in the stressful environment of the shelter. He literally crawled up my coat the January we went to pick up Bob……we just had to bring him home, too.


Finally, the second bed was set up and dressed and within minutes the first to take advantage was my 9 yr old, Ozzie and my step daughter Kate….who just graduated from college….Yeah, Kate!! Ozzie is a brother to another of my cats………

……yes there are more yet to see…………another day :o)


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