More of my Babies…..

A Dynamic Duo


This pair took over two years to come to terms with one another. It took Solomon (cat) getting ill for him to allow Lucy (Miniature Australian Shepherd) to be near her. We call Lucy “Lucy Nightingale” because when one of the cats are not feeling well she licks their faces and ears constantly.


Callie is our newest addition. She found her way to our property last summer. Our first glimpse of her was eating suet that had dropped under one of our bird feeders. It took her until October to start coming regularly to a bowl I put out for her on the front porch… November she was “pet-able” and “snatch-able” and she was ours 🙂 She was very afraid of the other pets at first so she would come down from her room every morning after I feed her and head directly for this drawer in our coffee table…..where she would spend most of the day. Eventually she acclimated and has become queen of her land.


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