Lake Woes

Our particular little corner of PA has been experiencing a mini drought. No discernible amount of rain in 19 days……..that is until today. Why today? Because the little lake we had our pontoon docked at has dropped a couple feet and our dock space was so low we were almost sitting on the bottom…….so, we pulled it last night (Thanks to a couple family friends who came to our rescue). We should have pulled it sooner if it was going to make it rain šŸ™‚ ……of course, so far, we have only gotten enough showers to dampen the ground. It will take more like 6 inches to raise the lake to a good level again.

(We actually only got a tenth of an inch of rain today….not much to get excited about)


So, here she sits and here she’ll stay until the skies open wide šŸ˜¦


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