A little surprise…..

This little guy was not wanting to be photographed……but Hubby got part of him.


This was what we found when a pot was moved on Sunday when the boat was being maneuvered into place. The pot went back and so did the snake. Guess we have a new pet! I won’t be weeding around that pot for awhile !!!!


One response to “A little surprise…..

  1. OH I forgot to tell you – on our canoe trip on Monday we saw a water moccasin!! It was swimming right towards us, and my canoe partner (aka art director) said i should hit it with my oar, and I said “I am NOT making him mad!!” He got about 2 ft. from the canoe and then slithered back down in the water. We looked it up later – yep, the poisonous water moccasin. YIKES!!

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