“Spring Cleaning”

I am not the type to “Spring Clean” in the Spring. There is too much to do outside and after a winter of being cooped up…..that is where I want to be. However, there are two things that get me motivated to hit each room at least once a year like that……. First motivation…too hot (like it is right now) or too cold to do anything but stay inside and look for things to do. Second motivation…..company coming 🙂


Yesterday and today was the first reason. My bedroom is always a disaster. It is too small with not enough storage. So, generally it becomes the catch all room for everything that doesn’t have a place. When I do get around to the “cleaning every inch” and moving every piece of furniture, I try to get at least one little area “pretty” for me. This time it was a redo of the straight curtains to a layered effect.

Like I said, our room is small….even for the full bed we share……so the beautiful red iron bed must be off set from the window in order to fit our night stands on either side. I usually get in this mood to rearrange the furniture about every 9 months ( I wonder if that is significant 🙂 ).


I had purchased 12 Waverly Toile Panels at Target when we first move to this home and used them everywhere. I have stopped using them in some rooms already but not my bedroom. I took three of the panels and just made a half curtain for the bottom layer. A wooden matchstick blind sits on top of that. The third layer is three more toile panels cut into a “jabot” style and trimmed out in a berry red bias trim. The next thing I will look for is a tassel (berry red, I think) to put on the end of the swag.



2 responses to ““Spring Cleaning”

  1. I love your red iron bed. Both of my boys had red iron beds growing up. One was only $5. and started me on my thrifting ways.

  2. Thanks! I am thinking about changing out my “normal sofas” in my Great Room” for old iron daybeds with layers and layers of comfy throws and pillow……all washable.

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