“It takes a spoonfull…..

……of sugar to make the medicine go down”

Actually it worked the other way. We had to leave the mountains today for our semi-annual dental check-up. Not my favorite thing to do but as solace I know we will be where there are these places called “stores” that actually have things in them that they let you buy and bring home !! Amazing !!

I bought some clothes. Hubby bought some sneakers. Then, three things (actually 4) for our cabin just had to come home with me.


I have been wanting new sheets and these red ones spoke to me. They are luscious. The two little towels will be for my Powder Room as soon as I get it painted and revamped (must be done before the pre-elopement party). And finally, the shawl, “Egads!”…..I found that at TSC (Tractor and Supply Company) while we were getting suet for the birds…..and it was half price! I love shopping. That’s way Hubby moved me to the back woods ! Just kidding 🙂



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