Dining Room Tour


I love my dining area. The hutch and dining table are anniversary presents from my Hubby. They are perfect for me and speak to me of warmth and family…..and, of course, red 🙂


The table came from the same cabinet refinisher as the Hutch and is a farmhouse table with a heavy rubberwood top. It’s painted red with a deep walnut finish over it….slightly detressed.


I love my hutch the most. it just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling :). I love the way it looks against the Mustard color wall.


The top of it is a work in progress. I need more light in this corner and more variation is size and content on top…….but it will evolve, I’m sure, as new treasures are found. Any suggestions?


This picture was picked up at an import store. If you haven’t guessed by know, I have a particular fondness for “Fowl”.


The berry wreaths flanking the corners of the sliders (and the sign) were also picked up at the same import store. This is the most used door in the house because it leads to our enclosed porch.



We are hitting 95 degrees today…..so this will be another inside project day. Hope you are staying cool, calm, and collected 🙂


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