Cozy Dining Room Corner


I was moving some things around yesterday in my “heat of the summer” cleaning frenzy. I liked how it looked so I thought I’d share. I brought the little table out from our bedroom and placed a woven rug on top with an existing “Chicken” lamp….one of many I have….. and a little framed piece of lace. The red stool had been in that corner already but I put the yellow wire chicken basket on it with some architectural moldings that were just hanging around in a drawer. Think it will stay that way for awhile 🙂

On another note…..we’ve had some rain lately…..Thank You Lord…..and today the temps stayed in the seventies with high humidity….but still it was the seventies…ahhhhh…..


2 responses to “Cozy Dining Room Corner

  1. Oh my that is the most beautiful picture. I love the red, the lamp, everything in the picture. I am putting you on my favorite blogs so I don;t have to hunt for your wonderful site.
    Have a great week.

  2. I’m now drooling…this is SO gorgeous! I just love it 🙂


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