Still Sewing…..

I have been amazed…..and I’ve been sewing a long, long, time…..just how many projects I have been able to squeeze out of my old toile curtains.


It feels good to use up something that was just laying around gathering dust. One of the toile chairs will make it’s way back into my bedroom after the party and, of course, the pillows will go on my bed.


I still have one panel to go………


3 responses to “Still Sewing…..

  1. You remade these from curtains – they look great! I love toile.


  2. When the Porch is dressed for the “pre-elopement” picnic, I will be taking lot’s of pictures of all the sewing I have done the past couple months to get ready for this big day. The curtains were a Waverly toile….so really nice to work with 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

  3. Those are so pretty. I want to make some black/white toile pillows for my daughter’s room. Making them from curtains is a great idea!

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