September Bounty

I love September. The weather is better. The cooler nights have revived some of my flowers…..and, a change in season is slowly beginning to unfold.

This Turtle Flower is a great choice for this time of year. It has a long succession of blooms and the Hummingbirds are fond of it.

Taken by Martin Seefeldt ( my son….home from Texas for a visit)

The Blue Mist Shrub is also gorgeous this year and provides an airy touch of blue for a perennial border. Begins blooming in PA the last part of August.


The last of my Double Pink Hollyhock wound it’s way into the Blue Mist Shrub to make a splendid “Garden Moment”.

Taken by Martin Seefeldt

The berries on my Pyracantha started turning early last week and are reminding me that even if the calendar doesn’t say that it is so, Autumn has arrived.


And, finally, the last of my tomatoes. Actually, I didn’t think I’d get anymore after last week and was surprised by this late bounty yesterday 🙂


Have a wonderful Thursday!


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