Counting my Blessings

Did I mention my son is home from Texas?


He came last week to photograph his sister’s “pre-elopement” picnic and then stay to the end of September for her “Elopement with Family”. Well, as I mentioned previously, she decided to do it all in one day. So, I’m feeling a little guilty that he rearranged his life for such a long time…..but oh so glad I will have the pleasure of his company for such an extended visit.

Marty is a Freelance Video Game Artist and can work from anywhere he has his computer and an internet connection. So, he has been enjoying the cooler Pa temperatures on our back porch while still being able to work on his many projects.

My life is so full of blessings……a wonderful husband who is faithful, true, and loving….my children, who are loving and kind, and generous with their time even with their busy lives…….stepchildren who have accepted me with open arms and made me part of their lives….sisters who always seem to be there when I need them most….blessings… too many to list, but thought about often……

Hope you are counting your Blessings on this Beautiful Sunday :>)


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