Fabric Stash

I love living in the mountains…..however…….I am 45 minutes from the closest fabric store. BUMMER! The distance is probably a good thing since it takes me no time at all to spend an obscene amount of money once there. Yesterday was such a day. here is part of the stash I bought…..


I’m thinking wall pockets……table runners……kitchen curtain…..what joy :<)


4 responses to “Fabric Stash

  1. Delightful fabric!!!


    I’ve added your beautiful blog to my sidebar

  2. Hi!
    I hope you don’t think I lost you. 🙂
    Usually I need to collect items to make something new and I’ve been doing just that for your gift.
    It’s so good that you posted that pretty fabric, now I know I’m on the right road to what you like.

    I need to update your addy in my link list.


  3. Thank you both, so much. I really enjoy belonging to this community :<)

  4. Oh I just love the colors and the roosters! I can just imagine what pretty goodies you could make with this stash. Lucky you!


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