The Red Shelf


“These are a few of my favorite things….”



6 responses to “The Red Shelf

  1. That is so pretty. I love the rooster, the old photos, hydrangea, the wall color……I love it all!

  2. I am so glad you stop in to visit me at my blog! I have taken a little time to read thru your past posts. The deep red toile fabric you just bought, I have on my kitchen chairs!

    I love the rooster print above your red shelf. I would love to have one just like it. Is it vintage?

    Thank you for adding my website as a great place to shop!
    I will be back soon….

  3. Oh! And I am adding your blog to my Favorites on my blog!

  4. Thank you, Penny. I love your blog!

  5. A few of your favorite things are wonderful. I just started blogging and love your site, if you get a moment check mine out I need all the help I can get.

  6. I just love this red shelf, the color is beautiful and the rooster picture is so cute! Thank you for visiting my blog today 🙂


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