Today’s “Cozy” Project

So, apparently, yesterday when I was visiting my sister, the Toaster was talking to the Dining Room Chairs and mentioned how she was so pretty now that she had a “Cozy”. Well, I haven’t heard the end of it….. so, I had to whip something up for one of them today as a good faith offering…. with a promise that as soon as I had time, I would make the other 5.

Chair Cozy

Actually, I like the clean lines of the chairs….but, since it is supposed to be getting colder….perhaps a warm little slipcover would look nice. What do you think?

Chair Cozy Dtail

And Trax, my assistant, has given his approval (next thing you know, he’ll want his own cozy).

Trax Approves


7 responses to “Today’s “Cozy” Project

  1. Love your porch! I just came from Karla’s and saw your blog. It is adorable!

  2. well yes!! I love that little chair slipcover!! Darling, darling, darling! And your porch…HEAVEN!

  3. I love the slipcover!! I want to do the same to my dining chairs! Wonderful!

  4. Love these! What a great idea!

  5. What a great idea and lovely fabrics!! You did a wonderful job on them, too. Now get busy!!!!



  6. What a great idea! We love the texture against the fabric. Great color combination!

    blessings, kari and kijsa

  7. You have a wonderful sewing talent! Loved the chair covers. I have just started blogging and really do not have a banner as yet. Trying to get it all together but I collect pink depression glass and have a glass front cabinet full of it so we have something in common. Debbie @Blue Silo Farm

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