A Little History….and, some Handmade Bags

In my prior life, I was a full time seamstress. I was fortunate enough to be able to be my own boss, work from my home, and raise my children myself without daycare. Most of that time I was a single Mom….so needless to say I worked a lot.

A little over 5 years ago I remarried and semi-retired. It was actually very difficult at first. I was used to being constantly busy…..always having deadlines managing my life. At the same time, my children were, all of a sudden, older, and I became an empty nester…. it seemed like an overnight occurrence.

I tried various things to keep myself busy and instead of making myself happier just made life complicated. Have you ever done that? Well, I had to reexamine, reevaluate, recoup, and revisit what it was that made me happy. I closed the brick and mortar store I had opened and cut back on all the various sewing I was doing….clothing alterations and my handmade items.

I still do some of each….but generally at my pace, without the previous deadline pressures that I thought I thrived on. I know I am fortunate to be able to make this choice…

With that said, as I have enjoyed posting on my blog and reading the blogs of others, I have begun to wonder whether it might be time to put a few of my creations online before I take them into the one store I still maintain my handbag line in ….. just for fun ….. and to continue sharing with others that which I enjoy doing. For winter I make upholstery bags and in the summer, they are cotton canvas.

Somehow, I feel more vulnerable sharing these things than pictures of my home and garden. Well, here goes……

Edit 10/16/06 These bags are gone. I’ll list more on my Handbags Page by the end of the week.

Handmade Purses

Here are three bags that will be going out next week. If anyone likes them and are interested in them before they go, you can email me at RosiesWhimsy [at] yahoo.com. I will sell them to my online friends for $37 each (that includes shipping). I will invoice through PayPal. They sell for considerably more once in store. Otherwise, it is fun to share my creations with you. Individual pictures of the purses are below with detail shots. Please click on each picture for larger views.

Brown Handmade Purse Brown Handmade Purse, Detail

Shades of brown and green upholstery with green cording trim.
11″ Tall, 15″ Wide, 4″ Deep

Black Handmade Purse Black Handmade Purse, Detail

Black Handmade Purse, Detail

Black and Cream upholstery material with Black cording trim.
12″ Wide, 8″ Tall, 4″ Deep

Gold Handmade Purse Gold Handmade Purse, Detail

Gold velour upholstery with tapestry band and corded trim.
12″ Wide, 8″ Tall, 4″ Deep

These bags have a center zippered pocket, one open pocket on side of lining and a fabric covered cardboard bottom for sturdiness. All seams are double stitched, and fabric is fully interfaced.

Thanks for wading through this long post………..Rosie


13 responses to “A Little History….and, some Handmade Bags

  1. Your bags are so pretty, The coordinating linings make them especially nice. Such pretty fabrics.

    Good Luck with sales!

  2. You put a lot of details into these, with the linings and trims! How fun to be able to do that and have them turn out so pretty! I really wish I was able to sew like that. I see all you blogging women and your handmade crafts and am in awe! Excellent work!


  3. Rosie, Your handbags are lovely! My favorite is the gold velour one. I wish I was a handbag kind of gal…..My husband is so lucky, I don’t buy more than one handbag at a time – all pourpose and have it till it falls apart. Same with shoes! I hate spending money on shoes. I am not normal…lol

  4. Your bags are beautiful. I no longer carry a bag of any kind, I do have a very small purse I hang over and around my head and shoulder. Old Arthur would act up so bad when I carried a bag, I finally gave them up.

    When shopping, if I am going to a Mall, I use my little basket on two wheels. Several years back, our one daughter said, Mom you aren’t going to take that thing with us are you? I said yes I am, if you don’t want to walk with me, fine. Well to her surprise, it was a BIG help, it was able to carry all of our purchases from different stores, kept our hands free, and we were even able to lay our jackets over the top of it for pulling/pushing around. When I got tired and wanted to set on a bench or at a table, didn’t have bags laying all around me, they were all neatly placed in my little two wheeler cart.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Your handbags are so lovely!
    Your attention to detail shows…
    Very, very nice. You should be proud…

  6. Your bags are quite lovely, and the workmanship is so well done. I have a collection of old hand tooled leather purses, that I carry. Most of them are gifts from family members, and are sort of my signature, but if I think of someone who might be interested, I’ll send them your way.
    Best wishes!

  7. Rosie,

    Your bags are beautiful! I am a handbag collector… I have more of them than I have closet space… but your work itself is esquisite and quite creative.


  8. Rosie, how beautiful your bags are. So much detail and care. I know somewhere out there is the perfect one who will love one of these to carry through this season.

  9. You are so talented!!! I love what I see & can’t wait to see more!!

  10. wow your bags are great! I collect/use purses/bags and these are really beautiful. Unfortunaly I cannot affoard buying any new purses/bags for a long time:( But I am sure they will sell well. The black/cream one is my favorite. Have you considered selling at http://www.etsy.com? I think your bags could do well there:) Good luck!

  11. We want to encourage you….your bags are beautiful….how talented you are! Have a blessed day!

    smiles, kari and kijsa

  12. Sweet Cottage Dreams

    Hi Rosie! Wow, you sure can sew!! I love how you have coordinated the fabrics so nicely together! They look like they would stand the test of time…and loads of stuff that would occupy the inside! Hope your weekend was smooth! xo, Becky

  13. jean @sweet nothings

    These are beautiful, Rosie.

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