Callie in the Potpourri

Callie in the Potpourri

Yes, I know, another cat picture…..but she’s so cute! We have a lot of cats…..too many….some would say. Callie is our only girl kitty and she is such a Princess. I looked over to see her sleeping in my potpourri with her feet wrapped up in the lace tablecloth. Later, she got up and stretched and came over to spend some time on my lap. She smelled like perfume. What a female feline she is 🙂

Hope the coming week smells sweet for you…….Rosie


13 responses to “Callie in the Potpourri

  1. she is a cutey, but that crackly piece of furniture she is on is pretty cute too!

  2. Your cats are cute:) Hope you had a nice weekend.

  3. I love Callie! How cute that she loves the potpouri….. Love the rooster next to her too!

  4. I’m a dog person but your kitty is cute!


  5. Oh, what a cutie! I just love the thought of her smelling so sweet. Love the rooster lamp, too! 🙂

  6. How adorable! I love the photos you share of your cat. I have also been catching up from the weekend with everyone’s posting and I love the bags you make. So many wonderful things can be learned about the amazingly creative personalities on various blogs. I’m so glad that I’m fortunate to be able to read your blog.

  7. Sweet Cottage Dreams

    You know what!? Callie looks like my little girl cat, Socks! Callie is so sweet laying there with not a care in the world..soaking up some pretty girly smells! Give your babies a kiss from me! xo, Becky

  8. Rosie, you made me laugh our loud with the comment you posted on my blog today – lol

  9. Hi Rosie! I love your cat photo’s. I’m a cat lover and a dog lover. I just love the “attitude” that cats have! I’m a sucker for Garfield too. I’ve been checking out your blog and love the handbags, and your great room! Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and leaving a comment. I hope to see you again soon! I know I’ll be back here for sure!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  10. Awe!!!!!! A nature nap! I adore your kitties and what grand beds they have to snooze in. My son’s kitten princess may have been the culprit who knocked my purse off the counter and into the water bowl–the one with my camera in it. How can I get mad when they can look so precious????

  11. If that isn’t the cutest picture of a kitty! Just precious. I have 3 dogs so this is very special to see…they won’t look so comfortable on some potpourii 🙂

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