a few of my favorite things….

Yesterday, Penny, over at Lavender Hills Studio (She’s so creative….take a moment to look at the things she makes!), had a lovely post on her favorite things. So, I said to myself “Self, you should do that too….instead of the big picture you should concentrate on a few small things that give you a warm fuzzy feeling” So, I started looking around…..

Chicken Baskets

I love these metal baskets…..one in yellow….one in red…..sweet, huh?

Porcelain Birds

These two porcelain birds, I just purchased, from a favorite local, family owned, business….who, after many years, have decided to retire….wonderful for them…..boo hoo, me ……

Architectural Element

I have 4 of these, all different…..the color is a little off….they are more sage than grey.

Then we went out back to take the dog for a walk on the trails we have behind our home and saw this…..

Fall Leaf

This treasure that I did not pay for…..provided for me…..just because I am part of God’s creation is more beautiful than any of my possessions. I didn’t start out the day thinking, I’ll add a splash of God’s handiwork in for good measure on my post…..but I was reminded as the day went on….where the real beauty lies.

Have the Best of Weeks…………Rosie


22 responses to “a few of my favorite things….

  1. Rosie! You are so sweet to mention me in your blog~

    First off, I love the red and yellow rooster baskets! My colors and you know how I love roosters! And the leaf….picture perfect! Our colors are just starting to turn here. I think this weekend I should be able to get some good color pics….

  2. You like red and yellow like I do. I hope that you have a great week.

  3. Love your favorite things!! The leaf picture is so neat and it is so true!!!

  4. I love the pictures and things in your home that you shared with us but I love most of all that you honored a bit of nature that lots of folks just dismiss as insignificant. Good for you!

  5. I love your favorite things, but the leaf is my favorite!

  6. Rosie, you have a beautiful home. I adore the wire chickens you have. I agree, God’s autumn creations are best of all. I do always envy the pretty leaves that we don’t get in Florida–just a little.

  7. You know I love roosters, too! 🙂 The leaf is so beautiful, isn’t it? I tend to pick up pretty leaves and nuts and berries when I go for a walk. I always bring them home and try to put them on a special dish, or under a cloche to celebrate the season. I even put two leaves between waxed paper last week and ironed them. They are now taped to my kitchen window and the light shining through looks beautiful. Maybe I’ll post about that tomorrow!

  8. What lovely treasures! I adore those red and yellow wire rooster baskets, but I must admit, the leaf is my favorite 🙂


  9. I love those yellow and red rooster baskets! God’s fall decorating is the best I think.


  10. Lovely!

    What store is closing?? Please don’t say K&S!

  11. No Jenny, dear, don’t get your shorts in a bunch 🙂 It’s the furniture store in New Ringold where I got my coffee table.

  12. You never have too many kitties…and yours are adorable…
    Mine are wonderful but they keep messing up my computers, scanners, printers and everything else on my desk….and there is hair all over the keyboards and in my tea, coffee and even ashtrays…somehow they don’t even care I smoke! Everytime I get on the phone they start “talking!” They steal my chair when I leave my desk and refuse to move when I come back….but they are my kitties and I LOVE them.

  13. I found your site today while over at Mary’s little red house. It’s beautiful and I’ve enjoyed reading a few of your posts! I’ll be back for more!
    Donna 🙂

  14. Rosie,
    Love the cat picture in the potpourri, that is so cute. I love your red and yellow but I like you love the leaf picture. Fall is my favorite season. I just can’t get enough of the changing colors. The scarlet red next to the mustard color is my favorite and that reminds me of your roosters. 🙂 Bren


  15. Rosie,

    I love your blog….your favorite things…the fall leaves…the roosters…I am working on a little something involving roosters right now…will have it featured on my blog and site some time in the very near future…

    I like the ending to this post..the reminder of where beauty really lies…good job



  16. I’m finding that the more I count my blessings, the more I notice His handiwork in every – little – detailed – moment! Oh the joy of knowing Him!! Blessings… Polly

  17. I love all your treasures! You have such a good eye and a love of color!! I love color too…and roosters! : )

    The leaves are so pretty…


  18. We love seeing favorites- always inspiring treasures! Thanks for sharing!
    kari & kijsa

  19. Oh Rosie, I just love, love, LOVE the red & yellow wire chicken baskets! I was only thinking to myself the other day that I’d like a chicken basket……..and you’re right, nothing can top the natural beauty of God’s creations! Lovely.

  20. Those leaves are beautiful~ and well said too! Such a beautiful creation provided by our creator~ Those wired hens are cute too!

  21. Sweet Cottage Dreams

    I love your roosters!!! So true about finding God’s creations to appreciate! We have been doing that a lot lately around here whilst going out and looking for acorns and pinecones. A great time of year to enjoy nature!! The leaves that you have photo’d are gorgeous! xo, Becky

  22. jean @sweet nothings

    I love your red and yellow baskets.
    Just to let you know…I am adding you to my favorite blog list..

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