October warmth

Back Porch in October

Can you believe it…..October 21st…and we are enjoying a Sunday evening on the back porch? After a meal of grilled Kielbasa, Chicken, and Zuchini, the kids were laughing at clips from TV shows on the computer.


10 responses to “October warmth

  1. You have a daybead on your porch! How fabulous is that! Looks like a wonderful cozy family time!


  2. Looks like a wonderful night at home!


  3. Great family picture! Those are the best time!

  4. Now that’s what memories are made of! Love the day bed too!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  5. Hey it’s me haha! Looks like Elsie was the only one looking at the camera 😉

    Dinner was wonderful, as always!

  6. That looks like a well fed group.

  7. Yes, its hard to believe how warm its been this season. We’re still in short sleeves here.

  8. Home is where he heart is..that’s what this photos spells to me!
    LoVe your sewing area! The sewing machine cabinet is the best!!hugs NG

  9. They look like they’re comfortable and having a lot of fun! And I love the new Etsy item picture you posted–it’s really cute.

  10. What a wonderful night…family, food & the daybed!
    Love it…

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