You Make Me Smile


Over the past couple weeks dear Penny at Lavender Hill Studio and sweet June at Junie Moon have blessed me this this award. Thank you so very much. I have been pondering on who to reward this to in turn and truthfully am having a hard time knowing who of all my blogging friends have been graced with it…..because you all deserve to have it….big time!

So, I am sending out the “You make me Smile Award” to a couple of my newly discovered favorites ( they may have been a round for a while…..but they’re new to me πŸ™‚ ).

Shartreuse – Her tag line is “making my world beautiful one creative inspiration at a time” and since she shares those inspirations with us…….that makes me smile.

Poofergirl’s Perspective – She’s less than a year into her new life as a Farm wife and her blog documents her trials, tribulations, and triumphs in that new journey. She is quite funny….so she makes me smile.

Have a gorgeous Friday………..Rosie


5 responses to “You Make Me Smile

  1. poofergirlsperspective

    Thank you Rosie! What a nice surprise. πŸ™‚ You are very sweet.


  2. Thank you so much! Your kindness makes me smile too. I’ve only been public blogging for a couple of months and you were the first, non-family member to leave a comment. That had me smiling all day! I will be sure to pass along this award. One of the things I love most about blogging are all the people you meet that you may have never had the opportunity to come across in your day to day life. So, thank you again, not only for the award, but for being the very first kind person I have had the pleasure to meet in this blogging community.

  3. Rosie, Congratulations on that award! I’ll go visit those ladies right now.


  4. Rosie – you deserved it! I love paying it forward.

  5. shartreuse makes me smile too!!! But I’m partial and very luck… she’s my sister!!!

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