Wall Pocket

Wall Pocket

Wall Pocket close up

This is a new project I’ve been working on. I eventually want to get some glass knobs to hang it from. These may end up being all over my house. They are so handy. I’m going to make some for my Etsy shop as well.

The only changes I think I will make will be to deepen the pockets a bit. Otherwise I am happy with it. I inserted two dowel rods into it at the top and above the last pocket making it quite sturdy.

Have a wonderful week……..rosie


16 responses to “Wall Pocket

  1. That is super cute!!

  2. We love this!!! Will you make custom orders with fabric?
    Just thinking for the future….

    kari & kijsa

  3. Ooohh, that’s so pretty! I’m just catching up on the last few posts… isn’t it funny how a lot of us get nervous without something to read! Guess that’s why we all love blogging so much. 🙂

  4. Looks like I have been sleeping for a while… just catching up on my “reading” since I haven’t had a chance to do any for some time now…

    Absolutely LOVE! the wall pocket…what a unique and creaive idea…a thousand things you could use it for …!! Fab idea

    Like the interesting tid bits about yourself… I can’t sleep when its hot either…and I am a voractious reader..have tons of books… now all I need is time



  5. What a terrific idea, very clever! Love it!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  6. Those are absolutely stunning! The fabric you chose would go beautifully in my bath! Love them!

  7. It’s gorgeous–I love the black-and-white theme, it looks so elegant.

  8. Hola Rosie! Popping in to meet you* Thank you for leaving a comment over by my place, it brought me to your place;) and wow! what a feast for the eyes over here! I’ll be back! 🙂

  9. jean @sweet nothings

    Oh, I’m sorry…I didn’t realize I hadn’t left my blog site for you to visit. I am so new at all this that it is making me a nervous wreck! Not only is blogging new and I haven’t a clue how to do it, I am not the greatest whiz at using a computer. I’m old, you see, and it’s really true about “Senior Moments” and “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!”. haha
    I hope that works (it should have been “clickable” but it’s another thing I am trying hard to learn. I’m sorry…pls bear with me and maybe I can get it right….
    Hope your day is blessed!
    bj aka jean aka Sweet Nothings 🙂

  10. Rosie,
    I love this wall hanging. I have so many magazines laying around that I could put a few in one, a few in another. Do you take orders? How much are they? Wonder if you could make one with ROOSTERS?!?!?!

    Thank you so much for dropping by the attic and paying me a visit! I love to meet new friends and I’m so glad that you found me. I’ll be back often, so mind if I put you on my blogroll? It just keeps growing and growing.


  11. What a great idea! Beautiful and practical! Have you tried Anthropologie? I get all my knobs there and most are the kind with the screw attached to the knob and then they give you a washer to hold it in place in your drawer.


  12. Rosie,
    Could you use a really strong, clear glue to attach the knobs? The weight of the pockets shouldn’t be too much. Of course, if you’re like me and would keep ADDING magazines, that weight would definitely increase!
    Love the pockets!!

  13. Can’t you buy double sided screws?? I saw that on TV one time where they used a double sided screw in an old glass door knob!! At the time, I asked my husband about it {he lives at Home Depot} and he said “YEP, you can get them anywhere” – personally, I’ve never looked for them. I think there is a screw on the side of the door knobs that you can tighten that will actually hold the double-sided screw in place. Again – I’ve never tried this – but I remember thinking how easy it looked and storing the info back in my head – thinking I could possible try it. Well – I haven’t – so tell me if it works!! haha

  14. Sweet Cottage Dreams

    Those are fabulous! Just think of all the goodies you could store inside the pockets!

    Happy Halloween!


  15. What a great idea. You’ve got yours already filled with some of my favorite magazines. Don’t you love that Victoria is back in publication? Have a great weekend!

  16. jean @sweet nothings

    Hi, Rosie…I am hoping you’ve received the little envelope from me by now. Mail is so slow…just be sure to let me know when you get it so I’ll know it’s not lost somewhere.
    Have a really great day…bj

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