….from an unlikely source. Last night while i was reading one of the books from a favorite mystery thriller author. I happened upon a phrase describing the life of one of it’s characters. I stopped cold and thought how wonderful to find this unexpected nugget of wisdom.


“And I knew, too, that to live a life……..a life almost mundane in the pleasure it derived from small happiness and the beauty of the familiar, but uncommon in the value it attached to them – was something to be envied”

Written by John Connolly ( Every Dead Thing )


7 responses to “Inspiration….

  1. That’s beautiful! Take pleasure in the little things.


  2. I think that describes a lot of us here, doesn’t it? Beautiful quote!

  3. What a wonderful quote!

  4. What a wonderful quote!

  5. What a wonderful quote! Thank you for sharing it as it is something of value to remember and celebrate.

  6. So true! Thanks for sharing this wonderful quote.
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  7. I try to appreciate life in that way. I never think of it as a way to be envied, but rather a way to truly live. Life is mostly made up of the small moments, I think.

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