In What do you put your Christmas cards?

Christmas Card Wall Pocket

I’ll be putting mine in one like this. The only Home Dec material I found that was Christmasy enough for this design. It’s 7″ x 19″ with three 3″ pockets.


8 responses to “In What do you put your Christmas cards?

  1. Rosie I love it! My MIL bought me a Christmas card holder to hang on the wall a few years ago. It’s white lace with a red cardinal on it. These are so great to use. And they look so pretty on the wall.


  2. Rosie, I love it! I don’t have anything as pretty as that to hang our Christmas cards, but I do wish I could find one. Usually we just hang them over the slats of the window blinds. Not very stylish I know! I’ll have to think of a prettier and more festive way to display them this year. Thanks for the inspiration sweetie!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  3. Love everything you are making!!!!

  4. Rosie, this is so cute! I usually tape mine to the back of our front door. I think I’ll look for a more creative solution this year. Thanks for sharing this lovely idea 🙂


  5. It’s a cute card holder! I have a stocking card holder but I do different things each year with my cards depending on how I feel at the time.

  6. jean @sweet nothings

    I have this beautiful, black and white wall pocket that, I think, will look fabulous with Christmas cards sticking out all over it….oh, hey….wait a minute. I think you might have seen one like mine!! Haha…Yes, I do intend to use it for some of my cards with maybe a wide black and white ribbon on the bottom for a few more cards to attach to….I’ll be sure to send you a picture!

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