Fun Monday

Hootin’ Anni is hosting a Fun Monday challenge. Your first picture is after you take 30 GIANT steps from where you are reading your blogs……just stop and take a picture of what you come to….then, turn around a take 15 baby steps and take that picture. Go check out the official “rules” at Hootin’ Anni After you remember to say “Mother May I” and take your photos……go leave her a comment 🙂

Ok…..big surprise here. I was reading about this challenge at my sewing desk….so, Mother May I take 30 GIANT steps and find a pretty picture?

I either didn’t know how big my steps were….or how small my house is. To my relief, I didn’t crash into the front door…..but almost.


This little arrangement sits right by the front door on a iron stand covered with a old lace doily and an iron work frame.

Ok……..”Mother May I” take 15 baby steps back……



Fall pottery basket, hand carved and painted wooden spoon, Rooster lamp, and a small Pear picture.


Ok, this is embarrassing. I just notice after I posted this that my little pear picture is upside down! Now how did that happen?


13 responses to “Fun Monday

  1. Terrific!! I’ll go add your name to the list with a link here!
    Hope your Monday is treating you well.

  2. Rosie, love the things in your home! I’m just about to rush out the door for the day, but maybe when I get home I’ll play along too! Sounds like fun. Have a great day!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  3. That was fun! You can’t tell that print is upside down – everything looks lovely!


  4. What a great idea for decorating! Well, with my kids – anything like that would soon be destroyed.

    I didn’t notice the pear picture was upside down until you told me. haha – that is ALWAYS the way.

  5. Ha – I didn’t notice the pear being upside down either! Not until you mentioned it. I’d delete the pear reference and see if any more late comers (like myself!) notice it!

  6. Your house looks lovely! Love the rooster lamp! Happy FM, 🙂

  7. How fun! I didn’t notice the picture upside down….:-) I love your home.

  8. Hi, I got here by way of “Little Red House”… you have a beautiful blog, I love your pictures… and by the way, your upside down picture thing made me laugh…

    Nice meeting you


  9. I love your rooster lamp….but you probably already knew that!


  10. Everything is beautiful… love the coat hangers too …what a great way to keep clothes from falling off the hangars..



  11. What a fun idea and post–thank you for sharing this fun!

  12. it was a pear just showing its best side up.

    do people take the display eggs out and roll them around in their hands?

  13. This sounds like so much fun, I am going to start a Mother May I this week….
    I am IN LOVE with your rooster lamp!

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