More Hanger Slipcovers

Hanger Slipcover

Hanger Slipcover

Today I made some additional Coat Hanger Cozies to put in my Etsy Shop. I recently made some adjustments to my pattern so that they are able to fit more than one type of hanger. So these I will be selling without the hangers….less expensive and cheaper to ship :-).

The first set are a taupe and cream featuring a Peacock and a Deer. The second set are gold and cream and feature an Antelope and a Pony.

I hope to get quite a few more of these made for Christmas presents, too 🙂

Summer, a year ago, I was able to make a great deal on a whole lot of upholstery samples and leftover remnants of which these prints were part of. There’s not a lot of any one thing so it has been fun coming up with things to make out of the remnants.


6 responses to “More Hanger Slipcovers

  1. Those look lovely! Thanks for visiting me and saying such nice things about my little feature in Cottages and Bungalows Magazine!

  2. Pretty hangers, as usual! Can’t wait to see your new holiday decor!


  3. Thanks for letting me know that you picked up Cottages and Bungalows! I know! The picture was large!!

  4. Love those hanger covers. You are so talented.

  5. Love these two sets of hanger covers! What fabulous animal patterns on that upholstery fabric!

  6. Wow…I love your hanger cozies! They are so pretty that I wouldn’t want to hang anything on them and cover them up! I’m off to explore your Etsy shop now.

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