Foggy Day

Foggy Day on the Lake

I enjoy foggy rainy days…… perhaps not a multitude in a row…. but we got so little rain this summer that what we are getting now is needed and will really help the water table. Of course, we are not in as bad a shape as Georgia and I pray that they continue to get more rain to assuage their dreadful drought.

Foggy Day on the Lake

I think the lake is so pretty when it is blurred by the fog….very fairy tale story like.

Foggy Day on the Lake

Hope you have the Best of all Weeks…..Rosie


23 responses to “Foggy Day

  1. Except for the lake, that looked just like my view from my studio today here in NC. We had fog, rain and mist…Where do you live? It almost looks like lakes in SC….

  2. We have rain here too.. it does seem to cleanse the soul doesn’t it? gorgeous pics Rosie!

  3. It is so pretty. Wow a book and a snuggle blanket.

  4. Stunning photo’s Rosie, very dream like. I love days like this too. Where I live it is pretty tropical all year round, and I LOVE the cold wet weather, so every winter we pack up and go on holidays to the snow for a month. Can’t wait for next winter to roll around………if I survive the summer!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  5. Oh I love the fog too. When I am all snuggled up in my house!


  6. The fog always amazes me. Especially when traveling over a bridge. Sometimes it’s so dense that you can’t see on either side. Very cool pictures!


  7. Oh, what gorgeous, moody pictures! It’s grey here today, and warm, but fast getting colder. Tonight will be in the 30’s. I always loved the way the fog can alter sounds, and make everything seem wrapped in cotton wool. Enjoy your quiet day!

  8. I love foggy views like this.

  9. Lovely misty views! Here in southern Norway we’ve been having a lot of fog off and on in the coastal area where I live…it’s usual for fall, it can be seemingly endless days of fog and mist. The sun can back today though–hooray! Happy days to you ((HUGS))

  10. Oh, Rosie…I love foggy days, too. And, rainy ones, cloudy, dark ones, snowy ones, thunder, lightening…I LOVE adverse weather. I just love everything about it.
    Thanks for stopping by this morning. See you later…

  11. Beautiful photos, Rosie. Things have been pretty wet in western PA lately also. Did you see the Steelers on Monday night football…it was a downpour!

  12. Gorgeous photos! I’d love to just sit snuggled up in a warm blanket with something hot to drink and look out at that! We are finally getting some much needed rain, of course it would take a monsoon to make up for the deficit, but every little bit helps.


  13. This is beautiful. I live several streets over from a lake, and I’m always jealous of those that live right next to it. What a fabulous view!

  14. I LOVE sterling silver pieces too and I don’t even care if I have to polish them! I enjoyed visiting your blog. Can’t wait to see more!


  15. Oh what beautiful photos! The lake is gorgeous! We had a lot of fog here too and rain; a good day to stay inside, curl up on the sofa and read.

  16. Breath taking! I can’t imagine having that kind of view to enjoy on a wintery day. Just beautiful!


  17. I love your photos! I can just imagine being right there and feeling as though I was in a secret little magical world of my own. How lovely!

  18. I love these pictures!! What a delicious view to enjoy no matter the season or weather! There is beauty in them all!


  19. Those photos are breathtaking! Amazing! 🙂

  20. Wow, I love where you live! Fantastic views. Glad you are snuggled up!
    jenn~ thank you for your comment on my elf shoes!

  21. awesomely beautiful–thanks for those pics!!

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