Ho, Ho, Ho, and a little silver…..

Silver on the Red Shelf

I’ve decided to indulge myself in the mixing of my rustic decorations and my fancy, although somewhat tarnished, silver. I’m really into that mix this year.

Silver on the Red Shelf

When we first moved into my “cabin in the woods”, I had this romantic notion of being that pioneer woman who headed west to the frontier with her family but couldn’t leave her pretties behind. So, for me, it fits….a little bit rustic and a little bit of finery 🙂

Silver on the Red Shelf


15 responses to “Ho, Ho, Ho, and a little silver…..

  1. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here! Happy weekend ((HUGS))

  2. I love the mix too Rosie, it looks beautiful together! There’s just something so right about opposites attracting, isn’t there?
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  3. Oh, I think it’s a delightful mix! the gleam of silver is so pretty in the winter time. There is something warm about it..
    🙂 Abbie

  4. The rustic and the little bit of finery are looking great together! Happy decorating and have a good weekend!

  5. What a beautiful display and may I just say that the red shelf is adorable! I find myself looking sideways at the screen to try and see more! Now where did I put that can of red paint?………


  6. I love the way the silver glimmers in the twinkling light!

    You have a way with arrangements!!


  7. Not sure how I got to your blog, but here I am and I am Rosie too. Know what I appreciate ? People who are not afraid to show the things that make them smile in their homes. I get so tired of comments on decorating shows or snobby folks who say ,”all those dust catchers”. Why should they care, THEY don’t have to dust them or come visit if they don’t like to look at them either. I have a Scotty collection too and am looking for some State plates. I have MANY other collections.
    Good for you, other Rosie. I love M.E .too but something got mixed up with my subscription and they never straightened it out for me 😦 .
    Beautiful photos.

  8. Rosie, I love tarnished silver…and I love your story! That looks great with the red shelf..the perfect touch of chic rustique!

  9. It is a fabulous look…I, too, love mixing silver with other things, Ironstone and silver being one of my favorites, too. And the silver mixed in with rustic and red!!!!Ummmm, looks really good.
    I see you have a wood burning stove, too. I have one and the large pipe played havoc with my decorating at first. We love it tho, and burn tons of wood ea winter.

  10. The mix is great…I’m trying to update from “primitive” this year and I’ve gone all glitzy…it’s almost a shock to the system. The rest of the house is an eclectic mix of prim/traditional/homemade. That’s what Christmas decorating is all about.

  11. Hi Rosie! I adore your Christmas decorating. Very homey! I have that SAME Santa face….have it for years. Never tire of it. I am decorating with silver as well. I hung silver spoons from my chandelier. There is something about the mix of rustic and elegance….it draws me as well. Come visit sometime. cherry

  12. You can’t go wrong with silver and red! Your decorations are beautiful. Michelle

  13. Rosie- I have been doing the same things here. Love your decorating.

  14. I love your decorations. The contrast of your materials gives it all a really nice textured depth–I’m not a designer but my instinct tells me this is the ideal.

  15. Rosie – I couldn’t love this pictures any more if I tried!! They’re great!!


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