Mom, Whatcha doing?


Solomon says “Mom, whatcha doing?” Momma says “Sewing, go play with the other fur balls”

Solomon says “They’re all sleeping”

“Bob is sleeping”


“Spot is sleeping”

“Trax is sleeping”


“Even Lucy is sleeping”

“Well, Solomon, if you want Momma to buy you more catnip than you must let me finish these wall pocket organizers for my Etsy Shop…… now that’s a good boy :-)”

“All finished!

Red Folksy Print Wall Organizer

Deep Red and Gold Stripe Wall Organizer


24 responses to “Mom, Whatcha doing?

  1. Oh what a cute post! I love all your pets! They’re adorable. I like your wall pocket organizers, very colorful!

  2. Everyone’s taking a cat nap I see. I love your wall pockets.

  3. How sweet….I’ve heard it said that cats are like potato chips, you can’t have just one LOL.

  4. Your organizers have turned out very nice. I like all the bright colors in the fabrics that you’ve chosen.
    Your animal family is quite beautiful!
    Best wishes to you!

  5. your home looks so beautiful for the holidays! it makes me want to go dig out more christmas stuff to put out! karri : )

  6. How fun! They might all have been sleeping (except Solomon) but you sure got a lot done. Your organizers look great.

  7. What a precious post, Rosie. They are all sooo cute, napping.
    And, of course, I am one of your Number 1 wall pocket fans! These are all really pretty. I am enjoying mine so much. Thanks again.
    hugs, bj

  8. Sooooo sweet…I love all your fur-babies! That’s a very relaxed household you have there–LOL! LOVE the wall pocket organizers! The red stripe/medallion fabric pairing is wonderful! Happy Days to you all–all creatures great and small! ((HUGS))

  9. My goodness I didn’t realize you had so many pets! It must be a fun time at your house!!

  10. What cute little kitties …. and a darling dog… Is Lucy a collie? border collie or sheltie???

    Animals are just the best… such unconditional love..

    Thanks for the post…. by the way…. I dont blog all day LOL I wish….. today is chock full of errands to run…. cleaning… still trying to get my house in order for the holidays… however …. I do take breaks… and when I do… posting comments is my outlet… I am learning ….due to my MIA from strep throat… that trying to over do simply is not healthy… it breaks down the immune system….. so make sure you give yourself time and read or blog or whatever…. its not good if you dont

    PS I am loving all the cozies and wall pockets… Kudos to you


  11. Hi rosie! your cats are wonderful! they must be so much fun when they are all awake! I lov eth enew wall organizers… I am saving up to buy on for my fridge. (stainless.. can’t but magnets on it) come see my blog and enter my drawing!!
    🙂 Abbie

  12. oh.. good grief.. my typos on my last post are ridiculous!!! Aaah!!! I HAVE to start proof reading! Sorry..

  13. Sweet Cottage Dreams

    Your fur faces are precious! How nice to be able to sleep all of the time, huh!? I suppose if we did that we would get NOTHING done! Your creations are splendid as always! xo Becky

  14. How cute! Your fur friends are just sooo cute!

    Enjoy your day with your four-legged friends 🙂


  15. I didn’t know Bob had some kitty siblings! How cute they all are! Some days I wish I was a cat and able to take those 9 hour marathon naps!

    Cute pocket organizers! Very cheerful!

  16. They’re all so cute! Love your wall pocket!


  17. I haven’t made one of those in a good long while. It would be a great gift! Thanks. Blessings… Polly

  18. Looks like my feline friends in this house. They all nap at once. I swear my cat Nutmeg was a burner from way back. As soon as we open the jar to the catnip, she knows it. And your hangings are beautiful!!


  19. Rosie this post had me laughing, because as you know, I do love my animals too! So cute! The new wall pockets are fabulous! I am thinking I am going to have to order one from you for my daughter’s room. I think she’s love one tailored just to suit her!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  20. Oh Rosie, I love your kitties!!! Aren’t they funny? They always manage to find the best place to nap…

    Beautiful wall pockets!

  21. That is the cutest batch of critters 🙂 Loving your wall pockets as usual…you are so talented!!!


  22. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Don’t be deterred by my blahs; I will come around. I love that red fabric on the wall pocket. I have three cats at present and have had as many as seven at one time. Tomorrow my hubbie is bringing home a new one that one of his co-workers found abandoned. Hope it’s a boy as I have one female and I don’t think she would take to another female. The guy who found him doesn’t seem to know. I find that a little odd, but I guess he doesn’t know where to look :>). Hopefully whatever it is it has been fixed already and we just need to do bloodwork, shots etc.
    I think I will name him Edward.

  23. Rosie- I love those cats and dog. They go for the whole pose don’t they, you should make a book of there sleeping places!

  24. What precious babies! So nice, I bet you are never lonely with all those sweeties.

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