Narnia Themed Christmas

Christmas '07

Well, we are pretty much done with what decorating we are going to do this year. Due to last year’s kitty fiasco with the tree, we decided not to put one up this year. So, we went with garlands all around. If we could just have afforded a lamppost and enough garland to hang down in front of the doorway that people would have to push there way through to come in …. that would have been perfect. Perhaps when the after Christmas sales are on we can buy enough for next year to complete the theme.

Christmas '07

Christmas '07

Christmas '07

Christmas '07

Christmas '07

And, since I am most likely done decorating for the Holiday and since I have shown you all my pictures in this and previous posts, I will now sink into bloggers block and not know what to post on from here until Christmas. I should learn to pace myself ๐Ÿ™‚

Wishing you the Best of All Things…………Rosie ๐Ÿ™‚


29 responses to “Narnia Themed Christmas

  1. I love your Christmas decor and I’m sure you will think of something to post between now and Christmas. LOL

  2. Oh Rosie! Your Christmas display is STUNNING! I have been sitting here looking at it all for a quite a few minutes now, trying to absorb it all as I think it’s just so beautiful! I would love to know the story of last years Christmas tree and the kitty. It sounds like it would be quite the story! lol You have such a beautiful and welcoming home Rosie, I love it!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  3. oh how lovely!! Everything looks perfect!

    Have a blessed night.


  4. Rosie- I love your decorating it looks wonderful! I am scared to death what our new little kitty will do to the tree we are getting today, yikes!~

  5. I LOVE all your decorations so much, Rosie. It all looks so warm and welcoming. You’ve done a fabulous job on it all.
    Yes, I do love signs, as you do. Not sure why…I just like graphics and writing, old game boards, signs, old cards and letters. Funny the little things we like, hu?
    Have a good Sunday,

  6. Rosie.

    It looks beautiful, but I am sure the cats are waiting for the tree to appear!! The past two years I have the 4′ tree up on a dresser at the end of the Living room and the cats sleep under it, but don’t seem interested in the ornaments. Of course the tree is tied to the window locks, just in case.

  7. Your pictures are wonderful! I love the red and gold!
    I get bloggers block too, but something always comes along to write about! Have a great day!

  8. Rosie, your decorating is spectacular–I think this is just beautiful. What a great work-around to the kitty problem. I would love to just sit in your house and absorb the beauty and spirit of Christmas you have created.

  9. Everything looks just beautiful!! I absolutely LOVE your red hutch!! What a great idea to use The Chronicles of Narnia for your decorating inspiration. I’m sure you’ll find something to post about. Happy Sunday! ~ Lynda xo

  10. Oh wow! I love the Welcome sign. But then! Lo and behold I see the most magnificent rooster painting. I love it! Your decorations are beautiful, Rosie. Sit back and drink in the ambiance.


  11. Very pretty. I love the greenery and I love the deer so much!

  12. Love…love the Narnia theme… what a wonderful idea… and all your garland is just beautiful….
    thanks for stopping by my blog

  13. Sweet Cottage Dreams

    How pretty! I love the touches of red here and there. LOL about not knowing what to post next. How about a good cookie recipe? smile.

    I love the earrings that you bought from Heather. I love the ones I won earlier in the year, like you, and get lots of compliments on them.


  14. Sorry I have been MIA…. I love all your decorations… you have quite a wonderalnd of fun


  15. I love all the red…
    So festive indeed!

  16. All your red & greenery is so festive! Care to take a side trip to Norway and help me with my decorating?! ;o) Happy Week to you ((HUGS))

  17. Oh Rosie, how beautiful! I’m sure you won’t miss the tree at all. I think we may have made up for your not having a tree — we ended up with a few too many this year. I’l post about that later in the week.

  18. Everything looks so pretty! I’m so in love with that red cabinet too. Who needs a tree when you have that beautiful piece to decorate? And that porch sign is to die for! I am trying to pace myself too ๐Ÿ˜‰


  19. Rosie I love your Christmas decorating! Love the greens mixed with lights and the deer. I so love, love, love that red cabinet! I will have to paint “something” red after Christmas.

    I’m sure you’ll think of something to blog about!


  20. Hi, Rosie, it all looks very festive & cheery at your place! Enjoyed seeing everything. Your pets are SO cute!


  21. Lovely! The red cabinet is fantastic!

    I found your place through the comments at Kelli’s “There’s No Place Like Home.”

    Love all your kitties. I have three myself… and a doggie named Lucy too!

  22. I love your Christmas decorating! How warm and festive.
    Thank you for your kind words on my blog! Happy Holidays!

  23. Your decorating ideas are beautiful! I just love the bright red cabinet, my favorite color! Thanks for sharing, I am sure you will have plenty to share between now and Christmas. I always look forward to visiting your blog. Merry Christmas!

  24. Well, who needs a tree? Your decorations are just lovely! I love the red hutch – the rooster picture with the rose garland…everything!

  25. Your decorations are lovely even without a tree.

  26. Everything looks wonderful- Lucky you- to be finished with all your decorating- kick back and enjoy!

    kari & kijsa

  27. Tree or no tree, everything looks great!

  28. Everything looks just so lovely! WE too are considering not putting upi the bigger tree. Our newest kitty is a little too curious. He was so young last year and did not bother a thing. This year is another matter! We have several little ones and lights in other places…
    Your colors are so beautiful. I adore the red cabinet…SO pretty!

    Your home IS lovely!!


  29. Ooooh, I love the Narnia themed idea! The after-Christmas sales are the best time to get decorations for the next year – what a great idea!

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