New Wall Pocket Organizer Design

I decided to make another version of my wall pocket. I thought it would be nice to see them on a Cafe Rod so it had the decorative finial on the end.

Black and White Long Wall Pocket Organizer

Rusty Red Long Wall Pocket Organizer

This is how my listing on Etsy reads:

Wall Pockets – You can put these literally anywhere. Hang them on the refrigerator, from the side of your desk, on the wall next to your phone. They can hold whatever you need to have handy and organized…. magazines to calculators.

This style Wall Pocket is perfect to hang either by it’s sturdy loops keeping the 30″ dowel rod in place….or, remove the dowel road and slip over a decorative curtain rod. I have one hanging by the throne with the necessary reading material for the moment 🙂

The Wall Pocket measures 30 wide by 14″ long. There are three 10″wide by 8″ deep pockets store your magazines, books, or daily devotional.

Materials are are mid weight home dec quality cotton and/or cotton blend. Dry Cleaning is recommended.


18 responses to “New Wall Pocket Organizer Design

  1. Love them! They came out great!

    with friendship,

  2. Oh how clever!… and convenient.

    Enjoy the Season


  3. What a clever idea! Your wall pockets are already adorable and using a rod in this way adds a little extra zing. Great job!

  4. I like the first one a lot!

  5. Love it…
    Looks great on the rod!

  6. I like them! It’s nice that you can you a rod and have some pretty finials showing.


  7. What a great idea to use the cafe rod — it looks great!


  8. They are beautiful Rosie …. each one gets better and better… I love the mix of materials you use… you have a good eye for textiles..


  9. Very nice! I was going to suggest the “throne”, but you put that in! I have a built in magazine rack next to my throne..:-)

  10. Your wall pockets are lovely! They would be perfect for a little girl for all her bows, barrettes, and ribbons!

  11. What a wonderful idea, your wall pockets are beautiful!!


  12. Rosie, these are simply fabulous! You are one very clever and talented lady sweetie!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  13. Love these, love the different, rectangular shape of these…and your fabric selections are so elegant–just excellent! Happy Day to you ((HUGS))

  14. Oh, these turned out just great. I wanted to tell you that I plan to show the wall pocket I bought from you with C. cards in it soon. Even tho the pockets are deep, for magazines, it looks great with a few cards stuck in it and some red berries added for the season.
    These new ones you’ve made look fabulous!
    hugs, bj

  15. Wow – your items are really beautiful! I enjoyed visiting your blog.

  16. Oh I love this style too! Everything you make comes out so perfect. Having one in the “thrown” room is a fantastic idea.


  17. Love the wall pockets…great idea!

    Also your blog is very charming!

  18. your wall pockets are beautiful , You are one very talented lady sweetie!
    Happy Day to you

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