Vintage Stash


Isn’t this a wonderful group of vintage textiles? About 6 years ago, my Dear Hubby’s Mom passed away at the age of 93. Hubby hadn’t retired yet, so, the job of cleaning out her house fell to me. She had so many wonderful things….very kitsch … very vintage. There are so many things now I wish I hadn’t let go to auction, but, I kept some things to pass along to John’s children as they got older and would appreciate them more.

This group of linens and a quilt will be going to stepson’s home this weekend. He and his lovely finance have just bought a home together ( they will marry in August….another wonderful event to look forward to in 2008 ). I am so happy to be able to share with them things from another generation that are still quite “hip and cool” today.



13 responses to “Vintage Stash

  1. Rosie those are fabulous linens! So bright and cheery, I hope they are treasured at their new home.


  2. I love the colors and patterns of vintage fabrics!
    These are so pretty!


  3. Rosie, that is so wonderful that they will get passed down through the family! They are very pretty!

    It was about 60 here today! Lovely weather for January.

  4. Rosie,
    WOW those linens are marvelous…. just beautiful…
    Thanks for visiting my blog….

  5. I love vintage linens, these are very pretty. Linda

  6. Such gorgeous fabrics Rosie! I hope your son & daughter-in-law appreciate their heritage too. So many exciting things happening for your family in 2008!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  7. What fabulous fabrics, Rosie. I’m sure your son will just love having these. They are all so bright and pretty.
    Thanks much for stopping by my space this morning. I always love your visits.
    hugs, bj

  8. Love those vintage materials. My mom used to have things like that when I was growing up; but alas, who knows what happened to them!! I wish discount stores would start making retro cloth things—the are so cheerful!!

  9. Rosie,
    Beautiful vintage tablecloths! So bright and cheerful! I’ve missed a lot of blogs lately, so this is a little late, but Congratulations!!! How exciting that you’ll have a new little grandchild!

  10. Oooo… I love it all! And congratulations on the upcoming wedding in your family AND the upcoming baby. Lucky you! Blessings.. Polly

  11. I have some of the same patterns! I just love vintage linens

  12. I think it’s lovely that you’re passing along this bit of family history–a true treasure of the heart.

  13. Hi Rosie! Thanks SO MUCH for dropping off the linens and other treasures this weekend! I just had to try on the baseball uniform, as it was exactly my size 😉 We also framed John L’s marine discharge form – it was so pretty with the calligraphy and carved illustration at the top. Our dining room came alive with the new linens! I am IN LOVE with the little cherry napkins 🙂 Thanks again!!

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