Decorating with Cats

Take on old dresser …. make a new winter vignette with pine cones and roosters …. wait 5 mintues …. and “Ta Da” ….. decorating finished 🙂

Decorating with Cats


30 responses to “Decorating with Cats

  1. Hahaaaa…this is just fabulous…He looks right at home with the roosters!
    Thank you for your sweet words on my blog and I appreciate them.
    hugs, bj

  2. Entirely too sweet! I wish I had some live kitty decor!

  3. Love the at “figurine” ha. I am a big fan of chicken too. Such a pretty vignette:>)

  4. Oh my gosh!
    This is the best post!
    I have one of those cute furry decorations too!
    Sandra Evertson

  5. Ha ha! I love the rooster figurines, I think we must have the same taste!

  6. Oh, how funny! Mine usually prefers the softer venues — the pile of freshly folded laundry, the bed I was just about to make, or my favorite corner of the sofa.

    Love your vignette! That old dresser is to die for! Have a great weekend, Rosie.

  7. So adorable! Your kitty obviously thought something was missing!! ~ Lynda xo

  8. Your vignette is lovely and the added element of the decorative cat is just perfect! I love this!

  9. That so funny! Your kitty looks so comfy!


  10. Hey Rosie, I can do that too…five times over. Don’t they find the craziest places to perch? Yours looks so cozy.

  11. This is the prettiest vignette I have seen since Christmas,but I am a cat lover.
    Do they do this to show us this is my
    home? I was just redoing somethings in my Colonial room and missed my Muffin all night.. she always sleeps on my end of the bed.Guess was she was ? In the Colonial room slept there all night. I guess to show me that no matter what I change she is the queen.

  12. I love that dresser and the lampshade! I can totally relate to this kitty post. We have one royal highness called Julietta Ariel, she is the epitome of the saying “dogs have owners, cats have STAFF”. yep! lol Have a great weekend sweetie!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  13. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your Callie cat is adorable and what a great pose! Love you coat hanger cozies and the wall pockets! Catherine

  14. Thank is so cute! I love cats. You never know what they’re thinking. Mine ‘shows up’ where you least expect her to be. ~Adrienne~

  15. Kitty is a very nice touch!

  16. LOL! What a great post….first I love the old dresser and the accessories you have added! But the cat is just precious!

    I am having a giveaway….stop by!

  17. Purfect vignette!

  18. Oh how fabulous! Love that old chest. Kitty looks so comfy.

  19. LOL… too cute. I can not open a drawer or a cabinet door with out finding some “kittie” decoration LOL.

    Rosie, I make coffee teacup candles too…I just haven’t had time for awhile but soon , very soon…


  20. Thanks so much for coming buy. you are a true sweetie. I think im getting to old and life is to short to try and be Barbie =)

  21. Yes, looks familiar! Just like our house! Two cats seem to own every corner… and dresser, and nightstand, and couch… etc, etc!!

  22. This is too cute, what a sweetie!

  23. Why this is how I decorate every day, LOL!


  24. No decoration is complete until it has the feline stamp of approval 🙂

    And I just read that you are soon to be a grandmother! Congrats!!!

  25. Ha. that’s the greatest accesory of them all!
    Jen R

  26. Looove the crackle very cozy!

  27. This is a delightful photo, and my favorite “look” within a home.

    Thank you for the smile its brought to my face this evening.

  28. LOL! I have several of those vignette’s at my house 😉

  29. Cat decor is exactly why I don’t have those cute vignettes with china and little picture frames on my tables that some bloggers have. They don’t last well with cat participation!


  30. Hi I landed here via your comment on Lavender Hill studio. Jst had to comment on the cat decor. Priceless! Nothing like a cat to make themselves at home!

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