Just enough….

Snow…..nothing more than a few inches…..but enough to give the grey landscape a soft white blanket.

I love how the snow lies on the evergreens.

We bring some of the feeders up to the porch for the winter so we can enjoy the birds up close and personal.

And, even the old man on the tree gets a coating of snow…….


13 responses to “Just enough….

  1. Freshly fallen snow adds a lovely dimension to a landscape that would otherwise look dull and forlorn. Your pics are so pretty! ~ Lynda xo

  2. Oh Rosie, the snow looks so pretty! We got some last night, too — just enough to be lovely but not enough to be a pain in the neck! 🙂 I loved your pears, too, especially Donna’s painting!

  3. Hello!
    Your blog followed mine on the “next blog” button and I just wanted to tell you that your winter pictures are so beautiful, I like the music too!
    Really nice blog:)
    Music too!

  4. Oh, Rosie…I love your snow pictures…ESPECIALLY love the little man!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    hugs, bj

  5. Lovely photos, Rosie! It all looks so peaceful.

  6. Just beautiful ! brrrrrrrrrrrrrr


  7. Your pictures are so nice. I Love snow. I wish we had more of it.

  8. *sigh* so beautiful…..so dreamy……..so different to where I live! Today we went to a bbq/pool party! I’ll swap with you anytime sweetie…….*double sigh*

  9. It looks like just enough to look beautiful. I love it when we just get an inch or two to “clean up” the old snow. People who don’t get snow don’t realize how dirty and gross it gets pretty quickly, LOL.

  10. LOVE THE SNOW!!! I wish I had some…. As for your pears…. one of my favorites too…. I just finished a painting on wood of pears…. its not listed on my site yet …but is featured on the bliss guild blog…



  11. Just beautiful! So peaceful and quiet and pure..that’s what I love about the fresh fallen snow! Gorgeous photos! hugs NG

  12. Snow looks so pretty. We got alittle in Ms. today. I went crazy.

  13. This looks beautiful…..cold but I know cozy and warm in your home.

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