It’s a cold snap…….14 this morning (wind chill -1) …. 21 expected for a high today……calling for 8 tonight.

Do they make these in human size?



11 responses to “Brrrr….

  1. Brrr.. stay warm!


  2. Awe! It makes you want to be able to curl up with the kitty…We are have a day in the teens too!

  3. Awww! I have one of those, too. One cat curls up inside, and one sleeps on top. That is…when they aren’t huddled together on my bed!
    Stay warm!

  4. Well, we know one thing – kitty won’t share! Not when she’s all toasty lol.

  5. Did you get that link I sent?



  6. Ooooh, so warm, so cozy! Wouldn’t that be great!?!

  7. That kitty looks so sweet!!

  8. That is so cut! He surely does look comfortable and warm!
    Sandra Evertson

  9. Snuggle in sweetie! I’ll just crank up the a/c where I am ok. If you hear a “ding” it’ll be the bell saying I’m done….roasted to a crisp! lol Cute photo!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  10. I wish they did make those for grown-ups too–LOL! Trying to keep warm over here too…((hugs))

  11. Oh my, that is indeed extremely cold! I’d want to curl up in a warm little place like your cat, too, and not come out until springtime.

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