Overdosing on Kitty Love

The first 4 shots are of Spot, on the left (17 lbs) and Ozzie, on the right (19lbs). These two are my first kitties and are “kind of” rescues. My sister found their mother nearly starved to death 10 years ago and nursed her back to health only to have her present her with these two big boys shortly afterwards. I couldn’t split up the pair so we brought them both home.


The next two fur balls we brought home from the shelter 2 years ago. Bob is the black one and has no tail…. hence the name. He had a very sad beginning to his life. He apparently had crawled up in an engine block for warmth and got pretty mangled up when the car owner started his car back up. Along with having his tail amputated, he also has club feet which will always bear the scars of his accident. Trax is the grey one and was found nearly starved along the train tracks…. hence his name. When we got him he weighed 4.5 lbs. He has managed to double his weight but is still quite a boney boy.


Callie is our only female. She showed up on our porch the beginning of last winter. She was in need of some regular feeding and warm shelter. So I made her a covered bed…. a crate covered with and full of old blankets and towels…added a warming pad. We were willing to see if we could just nurture her as an outside cat. All was going fine until about 2 weeks later she showed up with a badly swollen leg. Something had bitten her badly at the knee. It still took us a few days before we could capture her but off to the vet she went and then….that’s right…..in the house with the boys. A year later and she is just one of the pack. Callie has been featured before in her condo (previous post) and in “Decorating with Cats”.
And, last but not least is Solomon, my stepson brought him home from law school when a fellow law student got tired of him and was looking to give him away….how sad. He originally had been rescued from a shelter…so this cat has been around. I know he is obese(24 lbs) but because of his previous lives I simply cannot keep him away from food. If another cat doesn’t clean his bowl, Solomon is there. If the dog doesn’t clean her bowl, Solomon is there. It takes constant vigilance. Solomon is on a special diet now but he still is not losing weight. I think he may have an emergency stash somewhere!!

We definitely are on kitty overload and I pray no other stray finds us for awhile but I’d not give one of them up πŸ™‚ “Yes, My name is Rosie and I am a crazy cat lady.”


25 responses to “Overdosing on Kitty Love

  1. Such beautiful kitties! And how nice of you to rescue them and take care of them. They look very happy, and they tend to make our lives happy too!

  2. Oh Rosie, they are all so cute! You are not the crazy cat lady, you are a wonderful kitty mommy! We have a stray from the animal shelter who was found as a kitten on the street. She has food issues, too, and is about 24 lbs. too. I’ll have to show my daughter your pictures — she’ll love them!

  3. Hi there! Just popping over from Amanda’s @ Jacaranda Cottage! Love your blog and especially love those kitty pictures! I have 5 dogs living in my house and someday I’ll have to post pictures of all of them on my blog! Take care and hope to visit again soon!


  4. Thanks for sharing your cozy kitties!

  5. You’re a sweet caring lady is what you are! I’m not much of a cat person – I’m a dog person – but your furries are so adorable. They all look very happy and I’m sure they are grateful to be in a family that takes such good care of them!


  6. Oh, they are all adorable, each and every one!
    Sandra Evertson

  7. Rosie,

    Those are the sweetest kitties! I’m giggling over here at the darling pictures πŸ™‚


  8. Rosie,
    Love the pix. Calvin is right here on the mouse pad looking at the kitties too. Sophie has gotten brave enough to jump up on our bed for some petting at night. As soon as the lights go out she returns to her chair in here. We ponder what her story is as we observe her personality.


  9. Hi Rosie!! Oh! They look just wonderfully happy! I think they have landed in kitty heaven! Can I come and stay too? Do you have room for stray, overstressed people? πŸ˜‰ I bet they can warm you right through with love!
    We are getting that cold snap today.. ooyy.. its friggid!
    πŸ™‚ Abbie

  10. There’s a place in heaven reserved for people like you. Love the pictures. My best cat ever found me and I was lucky to have her for 18 years.

  11. Too cute for words… I am not a cat person …allergic…. but my daughter had two … we just had to put one down Sat night and he was such a love….

    Thanks for the compliment on my feature on the Bliss Guild blog… will let you know when I have more things…on my site…. if there is something in particular you might be looking for do let me know



  12. I think it’s wonderful that you have given these beautiful cats a home and love!

  13. Your cats are gorgeous! I love the funny positions they get into when they sleep, don’t you? I have a tortoise-shell tabby named Melody (she looks like Spot and Ozzie) who likes to lay on her back. Who could resist rubbing that furry belly? (She also parks her keester in any box, no matter how small.) My other cat is Nutmeg, a lovely black-and-white tuxedo. She looks like Bob, only with more white on her face and a tail. Nutmeg’s weird thing is to try and suck on my earlobe in the middle of the night. She’s five and she still thinks she’s a kitten.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, BTW!

  14. Wonderful photos. Your cats are absolutely gorgeous! We had our cat for 24 years ~ she followed me home from kindergarten as a little stray :-}

  15. Awe….you are so sweet to take in and love all those adorable kitties! I love the way they cuddle with each other…

  16. All of your soft kitties are so sweet. I can see how much you love them and that is a good thing!!
    hugs, bj

  17. I love all the sweet kitty pictures. The boys and your girl look very content…I’m happy they are in a safe and loving home. Linda

  18. What an adorable little family of kitties you have! They just look so happy and comfortable! You are so sweet to give them all a second chance and a warm and happy home. We have one little shelter kitty and she is just a doll. My best friend worked at a cat shelter and has 14 πŸ™‚

  19. Rosie, your kitties are so beautiful and so blessed in your lovely cozy home. They will probably live forever, assuming they have already reached heaven and need to go no further πŸ˜‰ I loved reading about their beginnings and their happy endings!


  20. Oh Rosie: I’m always eager to know other crazy cat folks. I have five of my own…all rescues of some sort and one beautiful black feral that lives on my front porch. I’ve made him a home with a heated pad. Getting him to the vet to be neutered was quite an experience…I used a trap from my local police dept. Thanks for sharing your kitty photos. They all look as if they have quite unique personalities.

  21. Your kitties are so cute! My favorite is the picture of the sweetie sprawled across the top of the couch. What a way to relax! My Savannah tries the strangest positions in the oddest places. But they are so fun to watch.

  22. Hello cat lady! I say you can never have enough cats..they are collectables! loved this post! Warmed my heart on this cold grey winter day! All your sweet fur babies are adorable!!
    purzzzzzzzzzzzzz a fellow cat lady!! NG

  23. Oh my, you’re just like me, we have almost the same amount of kitties. mine were all brought in, from outside, born outside. My two oldest and brother and sister, almost 4 years old, and the recent two, brother and sister, and they are about 8 months old, with a couple in between. i didn’t ask for this, but i couldn’t leave them outside to perish(or multiply!!). and I pray that no one else shows up at my door!!!! but i love and enjoy them all, they have personalities all their own.
    thanks for sharing!!

  24. oh my goodness…your cats are TOO cute!!! I love them! I hope you don’t mind…i added you to my fave blog lists on my blog! Your site is great! I love the way you decorate and all the things you make!!!! πŸ™‚ have a great day!

  25. I am a cat lover too and just loved all the photos of your cats. When it comes to relaxing cats take the gold medal every time. Rhondi xo

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