A mesh mash…..

….of things that make me happy. When I get something new, it usually takes trips around the house until it finds the perfect place to rest. Sometimes I get it right the first time but generally I have to experiment. Do you do this, too?
This red enamel shelf in my kitchen and the top of the bookcase under it seems to be a starting point for everything new that comes in to the house.

Before Christmas I had purchased a set of 4 Rooster plates from Francie at “The Scented Cottage”. I love them and know they will be all over before I decide where they will go. And, my painting arrived, yesterday from “WhimsyTwo” It is framed so beautifully. I think it is so sweet beside the old fashioned pedestal with it’s own ceramic pear.


19 responses to “A mesh mash…..

  1. I just love those chicken plates, and the pear picture too! Beautiful:>)

  2. Very pretty–yes I do that too! (it drives my husband nuts)

  3. Things are always moving around in my home! It takes me awhile to find the perfect spot for something new too. ~ Lynda xo

  4. I am always moving things around until they fit and then they stay! I love the rooster plates, good luck finding their home!

  5. I too am always moving things around my home. The rooster plates are cute and I really like the pear painting next to the other pear!


  6. I love your red enamel shelf! What a perfect place to try out your new things. My house is fairly small but I move things around to find the perfect spot, too.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving your sweet comments. I’d love to fill that spooner with lots of fancy spoons – all different. Please come by and see me again. I will be back to check in and see what you’re doing.


  7. I’m moving things around the house all the time Rosie, in fact I spent the day today doing just that! Love those rooster plates, everything looks very nice.

  8. Hey, how about showing us some pictures of your rooms? I love the touches of red and yellow I see in your home….how bout some pics of the actual rooms!

  9. Love it all. I have a set of dishes that looks just like those. So much pretty color in them.

  10. You beat me to the pear painting…..I think we are going to be competing for Donna’s work ;-). It looks great next to the other pear!

  11. Your red shelf is very pretty! Moving things around is a good thing.. you bring new life to things in different places 🙂

  12. I love it all Rosie, you have a real flair for decorating! My favourites are those gorgeous framed pears, and the pear on the pedestal! Love the red shelf too sweetie!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  13. What a good idea to try an item in different areas of the house; you never know when looking at something in a fresh way will be just the perfect thing to do. Your display is beautiful!

  14. Hi Rosie Thanks for stopping by. I love the rooster plates and your color combination. I guess all of us “audition” our new treasures in various places before we find the best spot. Hope you have a wonderful day today. Maybe if you are visiting my blog often you might add it on your side link:) Rhondi

  15. My whole house is one giant experiment! This looks lovely, I like all your bright cheerful colors!

  16. If you have kirklands they may have the same sale.I have found that they carry some awsome name brand prints. There is one more I want and im watching. I know if I buy it from the artist it would be to high and then having it framed.

  17. Rosie, I love those plates and have a set of 4, also. I have them on a distressed white 4 plate holder in my laundry!

    The pear plate is gorgeous!


  18. Beautiful job you did with placement Rosie… my only regret is not having my pear that I painted on my website for you to buy lol



  19. love this look….

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