Baby Clothes

This will be an addiction I will have to get under control but right now I can’t help myself 🙂

The first place I head to now when shopping……no, it’s not the clearance housewares section …… are the sale racks for baby clothes. And we don’t even know what sex Daughter is having yet!! So, I peruse the racks of sex specific quantities to find things that would swing both ways… to speak 🙂

This was so cute! A little more boyish but I think a little girl baby could pull it off OK.

This really won me over too…… and it has matching socks!


They are both 6 month size. If this baby takes after her mother she could be a 10 pounder from the get go….and she grew fast! Daughter hasn’t even seen these outfits, yet. Do you like them Sweetie?

The wind is just roaring today and the temperatures are really supposed to drop. Time to fire up the woodstove and spend the day reading and sewing 🙂 Brrrrr….it sounds awful.

Have the Best of Days……….Rosie


16 responses to “Baby Clothes

  1. Hi Rosie,
    Love the little outfits. It’s so much fun shopping for baby clothes isn’t it?!
    Have a good day, it’s in the 60’s down here today! Lovin it!

  2. Both outfits are so adorable! It makes me smile thinking of the joy you feel inside you about this new life coming into the world.

  3. So cute, Rosie! Great finds. Can’t wait to see more! ;o) Baby clother are irresistable. Hope you’re keeping warm! Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS))

  4. Hi Rosie, I love baby clothes too. Even before I had babies (a Loooong time ago) I would look at all the tiny, soft clothing and the teeny shoes, oh my! Both shoes that fit in the palm of your hand? So sweet! I look forward some day to grand kids just so I can dress them like little dolls! Have fun with your shopping:>)

  5. Hi Rosie,
    I just stopped from Kelli’s (I think, I always forget where I was!) Anyway loved your blog and loved the baby clothes. My daughter is expecting too in May I bet they are pretty close together. She is showing more and more everyday. She is totally fascinated with her belly button. I get tickled listening to her. They are very excited. I know you are too. Enjoy your shopping! We are having a boy and I am making little cowboy bedding with that new nubby kind of fabric and muslin. So I am stayin’ away from the stores for now! Oh by the way I love your red kitchen.

  6. Awhhhhh, the little precious outfits are going to be just perfect for that new baby, boy or girl either one! What an exciting time for all of you….
    hugs, bj

  7. So darling…and it is hard to resist–kid”s clothing in general is so cute!!

    Ps. I just tagged you–GROAN–warning, don’t ever tag me–but this one is fun, at least I found it to be….and it would be interesting to see the 4 things about you—-don’t worry if you don’t want to I fully understand–go to my new post to get the info…..(do I hear more groaning–I have turned down some tags)

  8. Such cute little clothes! Being a grandma is so much fun. It keeps getting better and better. ~Adrienne~

  9. Ooh, lovely! Green is my favourite colour, so I think you’ve got good taste.


  10. These little outfits are just precious. It’s fun shopping for a new baby I think this addiction is a good thing. Linda

  11. Oh my goodness! Those outfits are adorable!! How fun to shop for baby clothes!

  12. Im am doing my best to hold off waiting to see what we will be having also.I can’t wait to call it by name. Beautiful outfits.

  13. Adorable outfits, Rose! Your daughter will be so pleased. Can’t wait to know if it’s a boy or girl…so I can imagine him or her. Keep us posted!

  14. I’m loving that green one, Rosie! And a pretty little girl could definitely pull that off. Does your daughter have a feeling? How is she carrying or is it too early for that yet?


  15. You are having such fun! It IS fun isn’t it? I went crazy when my sis in law was pregnant. There are such cute things and if you hit the sales..well, it IS fun!
    I am so excited for you!


  16. I love those dear little outfits! It’s so much fun shopping for baby clothes isn’t it?! I know how excited I was shopping for my daughter when I was pregnant. Now when one of my neices tells me they’re are pregnant, Eden (my daughter aka Precious Princess) and I both get so excited and hit the stores buying up baby clothes for their children. I can only imagine how I will be when Eden tells me that I am to be a Grandmother……way down the track though I hope! lol
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

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