A New Little Lamp

On the same shopping trip as the baby clothes (last post), I found this cute little lamp with a red shade at Peebles. I’ve been wanting to find some smaller, daintier lamps to stick into corners (I have confessed before about liking lots of lamps). I doubt it will stay in this place. I actually think it will end up in my kitchen to spread the red around in there.

The little Raku fired Rooster was a purchase from an Etsy shop, Red Crow Arts. I just love it.


The red enamel base pictured below is an old Christmas tree stand…..one of my only lucky scores from Goodwill. I have it out all year long with candles, pinecones or stones placed in the water well.


Have a Most Thankful Thursday……..Rosie


17 responses to “A New Little Lamp

  1. Oh Rosie, what a pretty lamp, and I love the rooster, too! And I love how you’ve used the old Christmas tree base — I would have never thought of tht, but it’s a great idea!

  2. The new lamp is very pretty. I love lamps too!


  3. Rosie,
    Cute lamp and very creative use of tree stand. I may have to go down in the basement and give mine a look-see. Not sure that it is that cute.


  4. oh my goodness….just beautiful! i love how you decorate your home!!! Gorgeous! And what a GREAT idea with that christmas tree stand! I would have never thought of it! Looks GREAT! 🙂

  5. I love the little red lamp and all of the red in your house! Red is one of my favorite colors!

  6. What a great idea with the tree stand…love it!

  7. What a pretty thing to do with the Christmas tree stand! Love the lamp – especially the shade!


  8. Great idea for the christmas tree stand! I have 3 in my attic I’ll have to pull down now!
    Jen R

  9. Love your new litle lamp! and that rooster is 2die4!

  10. Such a sweet lamp! I too am a lamp lover! I have them all over, in every nook and cranny. They really add something don’t they?

    Your home is so pretty…


  11. Ooohhh Rosie, I love your lamp too sweetie! I have a thing for lamps too, I think there’s nothing worse than some bright white overhead light! I must be part bat or something because if someone turns on a bright light, then I’m outta there! lol Thanks for your lovely comment on my last post, I’ve missed visiting with you too! Hope you’re having a wonderful day sweetie!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  12. I had to be away from home most of yesterday so I missed this posting. I love your little lamp…I am looking for one to go on my kitchen counter and it has to be very small. I may go thrifting today…..
    hugs, bj

  13. Your lamp is adorable! Lamps are a weakness of mine … I love small ones that can be tucked anywhere. ~ Lynda xo

  14. Such a pretty little lamp and adorable next to the rooster! I love lamps, too. They are addicting, aren’t they?

  15. Oh , this is so funny. First of all I just love splashes of red—it is such a happy color. How can you not smile when you see it. I had just replaced one of my tiny shades with a red one—the one on the little book case with my pooh creatures. So I love love what you have done!! Plus guess what I bought on Friday (hmmm, I told someone–no, it wasn’t you)–our coffee pot that I use especially for Wed. Bible Study night quit. I needed a 12 cup one—so I searched. My Mr. Coffee one did not stand up and so many looked cheapo. I saw a neat Hamilton Beach one in red, but I just didn’t know if it would work in my kitchen! I went to all the different stores examining pots. Then I came home and read the reviews online and they said the red one was a winner. So I purchased it and I love it. It adds a punch of red and makes a delicious brew (I always grind the beans expresso cause I like it strong). So I am happy, happy, with the red. ANd roosters–of course we love them!! I even have a very very colorful one in my bathroom!!! heh, heh!! I have a stainless steal rooster trivet on my stove. Hmm, oh, yes and Goodwill–I went to the new one at the beach and found some adorable spring clothes for my granddaughter!! Some still had the tags on them, plus 4 more hard paged books to add to the 23 others I had found at the other Goodwill. This granddaughter loves books to pieces!!! The problem is she could sit and have you read them over and over for hours!! But because of it, she is so smart and only turning 16 months. She even can tell you some of the people who are in the Bible and some who are not!! Her parents read in a child’s devotion book to her starting on the first day home from the hospital. She is a hoot. OK ok , enough of the bragging!! Love your post!!! Oh and I can’t believe how many signed up for your give away!!!! Good promo for your etsy shop!

  16. ps,,,,sorry, but love that Christmas tree stand idea–how clever and RED!!!!!

  17. Lamps are one of my favourite things too. They add so much atmosphere. That red one is adorable.


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