An Award and a Tag

Can I tell you how sweet Amanda at Jacaranda Cottage is? She is a super nice, quirky and fun Australian girl who is always ready with a kind word of encouragement and a silly story to make you smile. So, what has she gone and done? She gave me this award! Thank you so very much 🙂


I’ve been tagged twice this past week for the seven random/weird things meme……first by Francie at The Scented Cottage
and then by Amanda at Jacaranda Cottage. So here goes:

1/ One of my favorite things to eat is dippy eggs and brussels sprouts.

Edited……….Hehehe……I wondered who would ask first? A dippy egg is simply a fried egg easy over….so that the yolk is still runny….good for “dipping” toast into. I wasn’t sure if anyone used that term outside of central PA. LOL

2/ My favorite color combination in the garden is pink, orange, and purple.

3/ There is so much “stuff” stored in my garage, we can’t get our vehicles in it! I am determined to do something about it this spring when it’s warm enough to work out there.

4/ I am the baby of the family. I have six sisters….the oldest being 68 down to me at 50! (unfortunately one of my sisters has passed away). I am the tallest one in the picture.


5/ I just recently discovered I am allergic to ivory soap. OH the rash!

6/ I had both of my children by Caesarean.

7/ I have to dilute juice at least 50% with water or I can’t drink it….too sweet (except OJ…I can drink that straight).

WAKE UP! It wasn’t that bad! LOL

I’d like to pass the award and the tag to Tracy at Pink Purl. She’s a wonderful gal….creative in so many ways….writing, photography, and check out her Etsy Shop!.

Have the Best of Days…….Rosie 🙂


11 responses to “An Award and a Tag

  1. Rosie, you’re a super sweetheart! Thank you for sharing this award with me! And you are lovely to mention my humble shop–it needs filling up thouh, so I’m working on it–LOL! Loved reading your list–and not least seeing the photo of you and your sisters. So glad to see you! I’m so sorry though, that you’ve lost one of your dear sisters ((BIG HUGS))

  2. I love the photo of you and your sisters!

    I like brussel sprouts and just bought a pound of fresh ones, I’m cooking up this week. J has to be careful and not eat too many, as he is on a blood thinner and the brussel sprout is one of the veggies that interfers with the med (coumadin). Most of the veggies that I love has that effect on coumadin. Like the broccoli we had for supper last night!

    Congratulations on your award!

  3. Okay, this may be obvious…but what are “dippy eggs”? I like Brussel sprouts too!


  4. Congrats on your award! I’d never heard the term dippy eggs, but it was fun to find out what it meant! 🙂

  5. What a lovely group of ladies you make! I’m so glad you shared the picture.

    I would have asked what dippy egg is. I’ve been eating dippy egg for years and never new! LOL Funny about the Ivory soap. I’ve known others who could use nothing but Ivory because of allergies. I enjoyed reading your list, Rosie!

  6. Cool picture–that must have been something, having 6 sisters—tell us about it!! What was it like?

  7. OMG…6 sisters! Yikes! What fun that must have been growing up. I can’t imagine paying for 7 weddings. Dippy eggs…doesn’t everyone know what they are? Altho I’ve used the term to describe soft boiled eggs also because I dipped my strips of toast into the egg in the egg cup. Perhaps I should have remembered that you were from PA, but I didn’t. I’m from the western side of our large state. Congrats on your award and stay away from that Ivory soap.

  8. Rosie! Congrats on the award!!

    I love seeing you with your sisters. I have 4 sisters. We range in age 55 – 45. I am the second oldest….

  9. What a beautiful photo and how lucky you are to have had such a wonderful group of sisters! I am betting you could tell us lots of fun stories about growing up with all of them!

    I loved your list and share some of your *4s*!!

    Congratulations on such a sweet award…

    And I love dippy eggs too! : )


  10. Hiya sweetie! I love, love this photo of you and your sisters! I can’t believe you have 6 sisters, wow! I’m so glad you played along with the meme, I think they are such fun to read (a pain in the neck to write, but fun to read! lol) Thank you too for saying such lovely sweet things about me, I am truly flattered and humbled. What a wonderful friend you are dear Rosie! Have a wonderful day sweetie.
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  11. Hi, Rosie girl…it was great to read your meme…you are such a sweetie!
    hugs, bj

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