It’s a mystery…..

You know the saying “When it rains, it pours”? That’s the way 2008 has been…expensive car repair bills, expensive vet bills, Hubby gets the flu….then I get the flu…..then yesterday right when I am feeling like sh@#, Hubby says after getting a glass of water from the frig “My water is warm” WHAT?

I open the frig…..sure enough, it is warm….open the freezer and everything is thawed! How can this be” We just moved in 3 years ago…everything was brand new. Remember, we’re sick and all we’ve been eating is soup and hot tea so I just hadn’t noticed. Well, everything had to be pitched…yes, it was that warm.

After dumping everything….cleaning it out real good… really needed it (and I couldn’t let the repair man see it this way), we pulled it out from the wall unplugged it vacuumed, cleaned and stood there trying to figure out what happened. A little later, I plugged it back in just for the heck of it… guessed it, it started running….making ice….everything it was supposed to do!

So, I have an empty, clean refrigerator that I’ll just keep an eye on for a few days and if all goes well…….I need eggs, mayo, cheese, butter….yadayadayada…..

My vet bills are over this fellow….Spot….


We have been doctoring him for a while now. He is 10 years old. The smartest of all my cats and will purr anytime, all the time. All you have to do is talk to him and the purr machine starts going.


He has severe arthritis in his back legs that is affecting his ability to eliminate. Nothing has worked to ease his pain on a daily basis so we have to really dope him up in order for him to feel better at all. He’s had 5, 3 day regimens of a morphine type drug over the past 2 months. I have decided this is the last weekend I will do that. After this prescription is finished, He will usually get a couple days of grace before his pain gets evident so we will see what a new week brings.

I have so many things to be thankful for….I will not forget that……eventhough today I whine. xoxo Rosie


38 responses to “It’s a mystery…..

  1. oh no!!! 😦 I am so sorry about your fridge!!! That is horrible!! i really hope it doesn’t happen again!!!

    I hope you both are feeling better soon!!

    Your cat is so incredibly sweet!! Poor guy, going through such a rough time! I hope his pain goes away for good!!

    Thinking of you today!! xoxo

  2. Simple Saturday.. Stumblin’ Sunday! 🙂 your kitty looks like such a sweeetheart! It is so hard when our closest animal friends start showing the signs of age. Glad your fridge is working again! If it stays running, that was the cheapest fix I have ever heard of! (except teh cost of new food…)

    hope things look up!
    ♥ Abbie

  3. Rosie,

    Poor sweet kitty! We also have cats that we love dearly–it is so hard when they start to have problems. We have one kitty who is about 17! Hope the fridge keeps working!


  4. What a sweet kitty..I hope the pain gets better.

    Thank goodness your fridge is workin’ again!


  5. What a sweet, adorable kitty, Rosie!! Praying for Spot’s relief and that he is comforted. And woo hoo that the fridge is working!! I’ve had something similar happen with our washer…who would think??! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

  6. Good thing you decided to clean the frig before calling the repair man! I’ve been told by my repair man that sometimes all it takes is vacuming the coils.

  7. It’s OK to whine once in awhile. Hope your kitty and fridge will be OK. Get well too!

  8. Wow. Well, sometimes those coils get too much stuff on them and I know our refrigerator doesn’t work right. I guess that must have been your problem too.

    And the cat is another case. I would hate to think that it has to suffer. Gosh I have arthritis that hurts so bad sometimes that I have threatened to call 911 for the pain in my thumb hurts so bad I can’t stand it. My wife refuses to let me do it though so I set and suffer.

    I hope the car gets well or better.

  9. Hi Rosie,
    Oh you poor thing…but glad your fridge is back to working – strang huh? And Spot…well he’s just adorable. You know, I saw the “holistic” vet on tv the other day…have you tried natural regimens? Take a look online, you may find something to help your poor kittie.

  10. What a beautiful little cat. I am so sorry that she is sick. I wonder what happened with your fridge? I sure hope it doesn’t happen again.



  11. Oh my…what a mess! And when you’re feeling stinky to boot! I had the same thing happen to our upright freezer. Only it didn’t break…SOMEONE forgot to plug it back in after unplugging it for “just a minute”. It was two months before we realized what happened! And it was summer. And we live in AZ! You can only imagine! Ewwwww!
    I’m sorry about Spot. He looks just so sweet!
    Take care!


  12. Darn refrigerators! Don’t you hate when that happens? You almost hate to fill it again and risk losing another fridge full of food! Your cat looks like such a sweetie. They capture our hearts don’t they? I hope he can get better.

  13. I am sitting here feeling guilty after looking at your sparkly clean fridge. I really need to go through mine and do a scrubbing! So sorry about your sweet little kitty 😦 and sometimes we just need to whine. It’s our little pressure valves that make us feel better 🙂


  14. Oh Rosie sweetie, I’m so sorry to hear that things are topsy turvy right now and causing you stress. We had a year like that last year, we were constantly paying out for something, hand over fist all the time. Not fun! I hope everything settles down soon, and everyone is feeling good (your kitty too) at your place. Hugs for you today sweetie!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  15. A friend of mine had the same thing happen to her this past month. She had the repair guy come out and he cleaned off the back coils and it has been running fine. We are supposed to do it yearly (I have not–because I need someone to do it for my and my husband’s back is acting up) —hope I can remember when my son comes for a visit!!

  16. Oh, your poor kitty cat. He is so precious and adorable. My heart goes out to you. I pray that he does better. He looks and sounds like a real sweetheart!!!

  17. Rosie, things are bound to look up :-)….Glad the fridge decided to start behaving again. What a sweet kitty. It is so hard when beloved pets get old…I hope he starts feeling better.

  18. Wow Rosie… As you said when it rains it pours… sorry to hear about your refrigerator… I hope it continues to work so that you wont have to pay a repair man to fix it… and I sure hope kittie gets better… so hard when they are sick.. they are so much like our children…



  19. “Tomorrow is a another day” as I remember hearing…
    Maybe that a good sign the the fridge came back on… poor little kitty… she has such love in her eyes…

  20. Oh my, a sick refridgerator and a sick kitty. How awful! I hope you sick kitty gets a second wind like the fridge. Such a cute little feline!

  21. Oh dear, Rosie! So many challenges you’re experiencing. It’s a shame about your fridge but I’m glad it’s not a “needs to be replaced” disaster on top of everything else.

    Poor Spot, he looks like such a sweet cat and I know it’s hard to see him suffer. I have arthritis, too, so somewhat know how the poor old guy feels.

    I hope y’all are feeling much better soon, having so many things happen when you’re sick makes for a really hard time.

    Many hugs of comfort to you for all your travails!

  22. Oh Rosie, you poor thing! And little Spot, too! I hope you are feeling better soon. Are you getting the warm weather there today? It’s about 57 degrees here this morning, but rainy. I had to laugh about you cleaning the fridge for the repairman — it’s something I would do, too. 🙂

    Hang in there — lots of hugs and kissses coming your way. 🙂

  23. Oh, precious Rosie…I am sorry you had this bad luck, especially when you were feeling so sick. The same thing happened to me once. I think the coils and “stuff” in the back do get dirty and when cleaned, all is well again. Hope it stays doing ok!!
    And, hope you feel MUCH better soon.
    hugs, bj

  24. Oh Rosie, sorry about your fridge. Hope it’s running smoothly by now.
    And poor Spot. I hope and pray little kitty you are doing well today. (It’s horrible when your pets are having problems).
    Take care. Hope things are looking up.
    Hugs to you,

  25. I hear you! Last week our 2 yr old washer broke and it cost me $300 to fix…so I just kept saying <“There’s bigger fish to fry!” to myself and tried to let it ago but it totally annoyed me! Not to worry–you can whine to us here, we’ll listen!

  26. Poor kitty.

    I have noticed over the years, that if you spend money on other things around your house, the appliances get really jealous and demand that you spend some money on them too.

  27. Oh, poor lovely Spot! Lots of thoughts and prayer to him that he will be feeling better! Our cat, Charlie, is a purr machine also…you just have to look at him and he starts purring–LOL! So sorry about your fridge woes too..Glad you’re chillin’ again though! ;o) Happy week, my friend ((HUGS))

  28. Oh, bless you Rosie. I totally understand how you feel. And you are so precious for spending money keeping Spot well.

  29. I’m sorry to hear about your fridge, Rosie! Maybe it will keep running for awhile this time!! Our ice maker quit after about 4 years. J said he’d rather bring ice from town than run the risk of it going kaput and leaking water everywhere. So no icemaker.

    I’m also very sorry to hear about your kitty. He looks like my granddaughter’s cat, Tabby. She too is a sweetie and always runs to greet us. I think she must be about 17 now.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  30. Hey now … I actually did a post finally…



  31. Oh what a darling kitty. I’m so sorry for him. I have arthitis too. It’s painful! My fridge did the same thing. It worked again after we plugged it back in~~Crasy. I hope it wasn’t food poisoning, ya know fridge not working and all. I hope you are better.


  32. Hate that about your fridge, hope it keeps on going! I know what you mean about the bills, first contacts/glasses for me in January, now this month, new tires for the car. Never ends!

    I’m so sorry about your beautiful kitty. I hope they can do something for him.


  33. Oh my you are having a rough patch…I think you are entitled to a good whine.
    I hope your refrig is okay…too bad about the lost food. I know that is no fun replacing everything.
    Hope kitty is better it hurts to see them in pain I pray this round of meds help. Linda

  34. well is it still working today?

  35. Well, I pray the fridge stays working. We have had bad luck with microwave ovens this year( built ins)
    I like you will always pay a vet when it comes to my babies.

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  37. Aw Rosie, if it’s not one thing, it’s stinkin’ 3. I’m so sorry to hear about your kitty. I have 6 of them you know and I can’t imagine any of them sick like that. Have you tried that joint pain spray they’re advertising on TV these days?? You spray it into their water. I don’t know if it would truly help like they say it does…but you never know. Good luck honey!


  38. So very cute!


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