>>>Flu has hit me hard>>>>Refrigerator is still running>>>>Spot seems a little better.

I’ll be back when I can………xoxo………….rosie


28 responses to “MIA

  1. Poor Rosie! I am so sorry to hear you’re still sick.

  2. oh goodness….I am sooooo sorry!!! I pray you feel better reallllly soon! xoxo

  3. Oh, no! Poor dear! I have it too! The coughing aching sore throat flu. Hope I didn’t spread it through the screen!

    xoxo Take care,


  4. Ohhh I am so sorry … I sure hope you get better soon… bless your heart… been a rough few weeks for you… we will still be here



  5. Oh no. Get well soon Rosie!

  6. Oh no, Rosie you poor thing! If I lived closer I’d pop over with a basket of get well goodies for you (and a face mask for me so I don’t catch the flu! lol), but since I don’t, I’ll have to send cyber hugs and get well wishes instead. Hope you’re feeling better really soon sweetie! Take care and rest up!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  7. Sorry to hear that you are sick!! Get well soon!

  8. Oh dear! Get well soon….

  9. Rosie,
    So sorry to hear you’re sick. Take care of yourself dear.

  10. Just get a nice fluffy pillow and snuggly blankie and have lots of liquids with straws near your snuggle chamber. Put the tv on low and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

  11. Glad the fridge is running…so sorry you’re not!! Hope you get to feeling better soon! Take care!


  12. Get well soon..


  13. Sweet Rosie, wishing you a speedy recovery…and I feel so sorry for your purrbaby but at least I know he is being well loved and cared for.


  14. Oh Rosie!! Feel better fast, we’ll be waiting here!

  15. I am so sorry the bug has hit you sweetie. Feel better soon…we will be here when you get back.
    I am grateful Spot feels better. I know that is a worry for you.Our fur babies are part of us!

    I send warm hugs…


  16. bless your heart…this hasn’t been a good month for ya’ll. Feel better soon and take good care.
    hugs, bj

  17. Just checking on ya sweetie. Hope you’re starting to feel much better today. Sending hugs your way!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  18. Your take care of yourself. I am so sorry you are sick.



  19. Poor Dear, Rest up, I hope you are feeling better soon!


  20. I am just checking in to see how you are feeling today…I can’t get off the pot this morning so I guess I caught it, too…..boooo hooooooo

    oops gotta run

  21. Be taking good care, Rosie…Sending heaps of get-well love & hugs! :o)

  22. Rosie, I hope you feel better soon!! Sending good energy your way! 🙂


  23. Oh no!! I am so sorry such bad luck is plaguing you!! (I definitely know what it’s like). I wish you a speedy recovery from the flu, a happy pain free kitty, a maintenance free car, and a house full of properly functioning items! And then for something really nice and special to happen!!

  24. So sorry to hear you’re sick, Rosie. I’ve been a little under the weather the past couple of days myself but it’s not the flu..at least it’s not full-blown if it is! Take good care of yourself and feel better real soon!


  25. Rosie sweetie, your beautiful package arrived here today, and Princess and I are THRILLED! Thank you very much, for the present, but most importantly, for your friendship. I treasure them both! I’ve posted about your gorgeous tassels, and I’ve sent you an email, so I hope you get it. Hope you and your DH are feeling better! Hugs for you! Love Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  26. Awww…Rosie I’m sending you healing energy and a special angel of health to sit by your side..flutter flutter..
    gell well soon! blowing you hugs and kisses NG xo

  27. hope you feel better soon!

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