Thank you all for your warm get well wishes. I really appreciate each and everyone.

I must say, to my recollection, I have never been this sick. Golly Miss Molly, I will never pass on getting the flu shot again! I have turned the corner this morning after a most miserable day yesterday. I have missed visiting and will try to get around to everyone shortly. It will be a few days til I am up to the challenge of cleaning up my neglected home….yuck….it is so dirty!

My Dear Friend Amanda from Jacaranda Cottage awarded me a Friendship Banner…Thank You so much! friendshipbannergif.png It has been such great fun to make friends from all over the world. It makes me feel like I am such an international swinger….right 🙂

To all my friends who have wished me well over the past few days, I pass this friendship banner on to you. As Miss Nancy from Romper Room would say…….I see Amanda and Penny, June and Katy, Melissa and Jo, Rose and Kim, Michelle and Jan, Francie and Abbie, ……… and the list goes on. I am indeed a fortunate woman 🙂

Blessings and Love………Rosie


19 responses to “Friendship

  1. So glad you are feeling better. I think I have it now….potty hugging, headache, tummy not feeling quite right….I am trying, HARD, to ignore it all and go on with my plans for the day. Maybe it will just go away!!! 😦

  2. OH I hope you are feelin’ better! We had that same flu, and it was a DOOZIE! It takes a good while to slowly pick off a family of six too~LOL! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  3. Hi Rosie,
    So glad to hear you’re feeling better! I know that flu can really get you down. Take care and stay warm.

  4. Thanks so much Rosie!!!
    I am glad you are finally starting to feel a bit better! Still take it easy and don’t over do it! I am thinking about you and hope you are back to being 100% soon! xoxo ♥

  5. Rosie,
    So glad you turned the corner, I know how yucky it feels to have the flu, it’s no picnic that’s for sure. Agh…the house can wait…take care of yourself….I say as I have mounds of laundry waiting on me booooooo.

  6. Hiya sweetie, I am very happy to hear that you are now on the mend, albiet slowly. Take care, and don’t try to do too much too early! Have a good WARM weekend!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  7. Soo glad you are feeling better… I just know Mis Nancy is seeing you feel better… I just had to giggle when you said that ….. Miss Nancy…. she was my friend..

  8. Yes, I went to her site first and noticed the tassels and thought ah ha!!!! So she was the one to get those—hey, hope the flu germs don’t in the mail (I am joking). my hubby is coming down with something and I have hurt my back—so my sympathies continue to be with you.

  9. pps–I always thought Romper room was so fascinating–so mysterious!!

  10. Glad you are marginally better, but do not try to get back on your feet too soon; you will have a relapse. I have seen it happen to countless people this winter and they say the flu vaccine this winter was not quite the *right* one. Whoops!

  11. Dear Rosie,
    So glad to hear you’re starting to feel better!

  12. Glad to know that you have turned the corner with your illness. Take care

  13. Hi Rosie,
    I’m glad you’re starting to feel better. I’ve heard that there are so many new strains of the flu that the flu shot doesn’t even touch them. We have some schools closing in our area because of flu. Take care of yourself.


  14. Glad to see you up and feeling better.I know my gbaby and sinnlaw have been down a week. So glad I didn’t get it.

  15. Glad to see you up and feeling better.I know my gbaby and sinnlaw have been down a week. So glad I didn’t get it.

  16. I’m so sorry you’ve had the flu, Rosie! It’s good to hear you are feeling better now. J gets the flu shot every year because he has heart disease, but I’ve never had it. Of course, now that I’m going to be 65 this summer, I should really consider having it. Sounds like you really had a time with it!


  17. Hopefully you’ll be all better soon! I got the flu mist in October and so far, knock on wood, I haven’t been sick. It’s really going around this year!

    Get some rest and have a good weekend.


  18. I GOT the flu shot and have yet to have the respiratory kind of bug but the tummy flu bug hit me SO hard. I was down and out for 10 days. Horrible!!

    I so hope that you are on the mend now! I know that feeling of having a neglected house and no energy to clean it! Yuck!

    Take care of yourself, get lots of rest and feel better soon!

  19. I hope you are feeling much better by now.

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