Pork Roast and Pouches

It’s another snow covered morning…..only 3 inches…..and it does make everything look pretty again. img_0239.jpg

I am still having trouble finding my energy after having the flu. Perhaps a slow cooked Pork Roast will help 🙂 img_0240.jpg

My Simpler Life quoted a statement on her blog pertaining to living an “examined life”. Just the term “examined life” struck a cord with me. Last January my catch phrase was “simplify”….this year it will be “examined”.

One thing I am “examining” is my stash of fabric. Why do I have so much? What am I going to do with it? Is it a sin of excess to keep buying things without purpose? So, I am going to try and go cold turkey……use up what I have or donate it to someone else. I’ll probably make up a lot of little pouches and book cover totes, too. Some to sell…..some to give away. So, if you comment now and again and would like a treat over the next year just send me your address and I will start a list. I can’t say what the surprise might be or when you will get it but it sounds like a fun way to use up my goodies…..a favorite color would help 🙂 Rosieswhimsy at yahoo.com **** This is for a gift list, dear blogging friends. I’m not soliciting orders ****

img_0241.jpg img_0245.jpg book-tote.jpg

Wishing you all a well “examined” life 🙂 Rosie


15 responses to “Pork Roast and Pouches

  1. ooo Rosie girl…now I am starving for a pork roast..I just love ’em and we haven’t had one in awhile.
    I love all those little pouches….Be sure to put me on your list…..and any color you choose will be more than fine with me!! When you get mine ready, let me know, I’ll send $’s………
    You are such a sweetie!
    hugs, bj

  2. Yummy! A roast sounds GREAT! 🙂 enjoy!!!

    I love all the pics of the things you have made! TOO cute!!! 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend! Hope you get all your energy back up soon!

  3. Rosie, what a sweet idea! And a great way to use up your stash!! Love it!

  4. What a great way to use up your “stash”, Rosie! I’ve been looking at mine and wondering what possessed me when I bought some of the fabrics … I think another woman must have inhabited my body that day! Hope you feel 100% soon. ~ Lynda xo

  5. LOL seems a lot of us have that in common… too much fabric and what do I do with it syndrome… a true sewer can never have enough hehe

    Pork roast is a favorite around here… with sauerkraut..apples and onions.. yummm



  6. I’d love to be on your list — if Australia isn’t too far away. What a kind and generous idea.


  7. I hope your pork roast comes out better than my last one did…dry..like tree bark! LOL

  8. Ah, simplicity…I’ve been pondering that too, as I ponder my craft supplies stash…I have the same dilemma as you do, Rosie–LOL! I would love to be on your list–count me in, how lovely your are giveaway your handmade treasures! Happy weekend ((HUGS))

  9. Love this entire idea and perspective!! A beautiful recycling!!!

    kari & kijsa

  10. Rosie sweetie, you have a heart of pure gold and a kind & generous spirit. What a lovely thing to do! That pork sounds oh so good right now too! Hope you’re having a lovely relaxing snow covered day sweetie!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  11. Rosie..thanks for stopping by for a visit~~I’m so glad the pictures of my Spring Flowers helped to cheer you up! Seems impossible that the temperature here today was in the 80’s while you still have all that snow on the ground.. 😉


  12. Using the slow cooker is one of my favorite ways to cook if I’m busy or having a low energy day. I think I always have something slow cooked on Saturday cause that’s usually such a busy running around kind of day.

    I always ask myself do I really need another plate? I often question whether it’s a sin of excess – I mean how many plates do you really need! But I do use them all and I have walked away from some many a time.

    I think it’s a lovely and generous idea to use up your fabric for sweet surprises for others! Hope you’re feeling much better today sweetie!


  13. ROSIE ….. I ADORE YOU!!!



  14. I have a fabric stash too. Sometimes, I’ll get it all out, put it into some sort of categorical state, touch each piece, think, appreciate, plan and here’s what can happen:
    I’ll get inspired to make something, or I’ll fall asleep in the middle of it. lolo!!
    Anyway, dear “neighbor”, I’m glad you are over the flu and hope you regain your energy soon.
    Your house and yard look so warm and cozy.

  15. I hope you are feeling better Rosie! The flu got so many down this year.

    My “weakness” was buying rubber art stamps. I have so many of them but have not been using them lately. You’ve inspired me to take stock of them and put them to use again.
    Have a great week!

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