It’s a Beautiful Day…..

….in the Neighborhood….A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood…..

We are having a 55 degree day! Whoopee! I love it when that happens. Can you tell I am giddy with joy? I had to take my kitties out to the screened porch for some fresh air. I think Ozzie thinks the birdies are real 🙂

I won’t tell, if you won’t! 🙂 Rosie


37 responses to “It’s a Beautiful Day…..

  1. Oh it looks like spring! And Ozzie looks like he’s enjoying it too.
    Have a good one!

  2. Love the last photo where Ozzie is looking so intensely upon those birds/morning tea! Hey my neices had a cat called Ozzie too, but he was named after the day he was born, Australia Day! Hope you’re having a wonderful day Rosie sweetie!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  3. We hit 70 degrees (and sunny) here yesterday, but alas, today it is gloomy and pouring rain…with snow to come tomorrow. Mother Nature needs her meds tweaked…don’t you think?

  4. I love that last photo too, with that beautiful image of the cat’s eye.


  5. Hi Rosie,

    We had a warm day too! It was so lovely! I think your kitties are so cute–we have a tiger that looks a little like yours….

    p.s. I havent forgotten about the tag…

  6. Hahahahaa, that expression says it all! Lovely picture 🙂


  7. What a gorgeous cat!Looks alot like our cat, George.
    Regards from Ireland

  8. YAY!!! so glad you are having nice weather too!!!

  9. Wonderful pictures! Ozzie is mesmerized by the birdies.
    Hugs, DebraK

  10. Love the photos and we are starting to enjoy the weather some here too.Most thing we have worried about more here is the rain and storms.
    Love the kitty.

  11. LOL! I do believe Ozzie is a little disappointed that those birdies are not real!

  12. What great pix!! And that nest is too cute.


  13. I love your nest!! What does the little plaque say? Ozzie looks so adorable trying to decide if those birdies are real!

  14. That is so cute! Poor Ozzie – what a disappointment to find that the birdie is not real. ~Adrienne~

  15. I love this photo:>) Those birds and the nest and plant growing around them are so pretty and springy. I’ve seent hat look on my own cats faces!

  16. Wasn’t it great to have a really nice day tucked in amongst the ugle ones?

  17. Rosie,
    Didn’t you just love the break?? Our temps hit 63 yesterday!! It was absolutely beautiful out. But it’s only supposed to go to 42 today and not even make it out of the 30s tomorrow. YUCK! But the one nice day was just a glimmer of what’s to come. Hope you and Ozzie had fun!!


  18. We also had a beautiful day here in NY. But today we are going to get freezing rain! What beautiful pictures you take!

  19. Yes, we had that wonderful warm and sunny weather, too! What a lift for the spirits! Love your photos! Is Ozzie drooling?

  20. Hi Rosie,
    I just wanted to tell you that I enjoy your blog and also your comments to my daughter’s blog. You are very supportive and kind. I love cats, too so this morning’s photos made me smile…very beautiful cat. If he thinks the birds are real he soon should be very disappointed. 🙂

  21. These are GREAT pictures, Rosie…your kitty looks as if he is just about ready to pounce…how adorable.
    hugs, bj
    enjoy that lovely weather….

  22. Adorable photos, Rosie! Enjoy the “heatwave”! Happy Day ((HUGS))

  23. Spring is getting nearer! We had temps in the 70’s last week and it was fabulous!!
    I love that picture of Ozzie! Just a great shot!


  24. Isn’t it great when the weather starts warming up? I put up a springy post with a cat picture today too!

  25. Is that ivy real? It is so pretty and the kitty is so enjoying the weather with you… Isn’t it great to have fury friends..

  26. Is that ivy real? It is so pretty and the kitty is so enjoying the weather with you… Isn’t it great to have fury friends..

  27. Ozzie’s such a handsome cat!
    Thanks for dropping by today. I added a link to Savannah’s parade in my links 🙂

  28. these are the sweetest pictures ever… I love your kitty..meow!
    xxxooo Holly

  29. Ozzie looks very interested in those little birds!! So cute! ~ Lynda xo

  30. 55 degrees–I am jealous, I cannot remember what that feels like! Hope you enjoyed it!

  31. We’ve had some pretty days here too. I’m so glad you do as well. I love your pictures. Kathi

  32. What a great pictures of ozzie and the birds! Such a beautiful cat, I love his eyes.

  33. I love your blog! I’ll be back often!

  34. what a lovely blog! i love your photos and your sweet kitty…it’s happy here! thank you, i have enjoyed my stay and will be back to say hello often 🙂


  35. That Ozzie is such a character 🙂 He sure does take beautiful photos! Hope you are enjoying the warm weather again today… I was hoping for a walk this afternoon but too busy at work 😦

  36. These photos are too precious! Mr. Ozzie is quite the handsome fella and my Lucy is here staring at the computer screen…I think she is *in love*!


  37. Hi–I had to comment on this post—-I have little birdies around the house and my cat , too, is attracted to them. I often find a few of them displaced. When we go on vacation , the cat really goes to town and gets into lots of trouble accessing various birds, climbing in areas he knows are off limits! Nice planter you have.

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