Bookshelf painted!

I finally did it! I can’t tell you how long I have been procrastinating about painting this bookshelf. Sorry there is no before picture, but trust me, it was really beat up and not it a good way.


I want to get some furniture wax with a little stain in it to go over the red but for now….I’m loving it!

Have a Wonderful Weekend 🙂 Rosie


28 responses to “Bookshelf painted!

  1. This looks wonderful! I’m a bit partial, since red is my favorite color…but, no kidding, it looks great against that perfect color wall.

    Good job! Enjoy the weekend..


  2. I think it looks great, it really fits in that corner. The two chairs and another items make thatcorner pop!! Katie

  3. Oh, Rosie….I LOVE it…It really turned out great….and, another good idea from YOU to ME. I love how you have the shelf above the bookcase. It makes such a fabulous statement whereas, along, neither would make such an impression. It gives the appearance of a much larger piece of furniture. I, too, have both a bookcase and a big, metal planter that hangs. Now, why in the world have I never thought to put them together??? DUH !! Stay tuned for a picture of it and, if it will be ok, I may use YOUR picture on MY blog to show where I got the inspiration…ok?? Boy, I love how we all learn from ea. other….my house is beginning to really come together better since I’ve been able to see all of the pretty ideas on here. Now, I’m excited and have to do some furniture re-arranging….Thanks, Sister friend….
    hugs, bj

  4. uhhhh, that should be “neither ALONE”, instead of ALONG….double DUH !!

  5. I just love that color Rosie! And the whole thing looks so pretty with the shelf above and the vignettes you have on it:>)

  6. Ok, Rosie, what is so funny ——guess what I just got done doing (I am still in my paint clothes!)–Yup priming a bookcase. I don’t know , girl, its a little eeeeerie!!

  7. Hi Rosie,
    The bookshelf looks great! I painted a tv armoire a barn red and I love it.
    Have a great weekend!

  8. The shelf looks FANTASTIC!!! i love it!! 🙂

    Your new blog look is nice too!!! 🙂

  9. I love the red!! Red is one of my favorite colors…it looks GREAT! I also LOVE your kitchen..I am a Rooster fanatic too and have them all throughout my kitchen as well…Very lovely kitchen you have.

  10. Oh Rosie,

    I am loving that bookshelf! You did a wonderful job and that striped chair cover is adorable. Goodness , I love your style 🙂


  11. I love that russet/brick/barn red color. Excellent choice;)


  12. Loving the shelf…Smiles

  13. Oh Rosie! You did a fabulous job painting this bookcase sweetie! I love your style, it’s always warm and friendly, comforting and nuturing. You have such a lovely home!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  14. LOVE the barn red paint, Rosie…this really turned out terrific, and the shelf has such a pleasing shape. And I love the new look here–charming banner! Happy Day ((HUGS))

  15. Beautiful!! Oh, I’m such a sucker for bookshelves. Honestly – I just love them.

    Glad to visit again! Love your pictures and stories!

  16. That looks wonderful!! I love that shade of red! I think everyone should have some red in their home somewhere! : )

  17. Hi Rosie!
    Oh! I think it’s lovely! Love the red chair beside it too.. Isn’t it so satisfying to get something crossed off the list?
    Hope your weekend was wonderful!
    🙂 Abbie

  18. Thanks so much for checking my blog out. I am still learning how to manange it. I have added you in my favorites. Your blog is a inspiration.

  19. Good job with the bookcase. Love the colour. There is something about good books in a good bookcase!!

  20. love the look you came up with. Baskets look nice.

  21. LOVE the color!!! It came out beautifully!

  22. Love the shelf, and especially the color!! I’m into red, yellow and green together right now and it looks great against that yellow wall!

  23. Hi Rosie!

    You did a beautiful job on painting the bookcase! The red color is so uplifting. It looks so nice in that spot. I wish I had room for s book case in my kitchen — I have so many cookbooks I’d love to put in one place.

    Hug, Pat

  24. Rosie,
    Oh how I just love that red, hoping you will share the color with us as I have an armoire I want to paint red…and geez reds are soo hard.
    I love it.

  25. The red shelf is wonderful. My kitchen and family room is done in red and yellow. Your blog is adorable and I enjoy visiting it often. The chair is perfect where you have it. RoseMarie

  26. This just looks wonderful!! I love all the red!! Red and yellow look amazing together. Gorgeous dear Rosie!


  27. Is there a pattern I can get for the dining room chair cover you have here? I hope you don’t tell me you just made it up yourself! i have curved back chairs…4 of them and I would love to do this.

  28. I love that red you picked out! I have a bookcase too that would benefit greatly from a fresh coat of paint. Thanks for the idea!

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