I fell off the wagon…..

I feel a fresh makeover of my screen porch is needed to get ready for Spring.

Screen Porch 2

So, I fell off the wagon…..

I know I said I was going to use up my fabric stash….and I will, I will …but this purchase (made at J Carolines Online) is for the screened porch pillows and table skirts……and I had to have it…….it was calling my name…..loudly!!


I also need new matelasse coverlets for the daybeds …..so it looks like a trip to Marshall’s will have to happen soon. We are within a month of “porch sitting season”! YAY!!

I know how blessed I am to have such a wonderful space….all summer long it is a gathering place for family and friends. Each new Spring I want to make it the most comfortable place I can for everyone I love.

Have a Wonderful Week 🙂 Rosie

p.s. Head on over to Kari’s and Kijsa’s see how others are celebrating their “Spring Blessings”


31 responses to “I fell off the wagon…..

  1. Hi Rosie!
    I think those are absolutely lovely! I can’t wait for ‘porch season’ either!

  2. Love it! I, too, fell off the wagon last month…and would you believe it was at J. Caroline’s for fabric to redo my garden room cushion?! LOL

    With friendship,

  3. I agree, those fabrics are far to gorgeous to pass by.



  4. Sweetie, I have the number for ‘Fabric Stash Annon’ if you need it. They offer a 12 stitch program too! lol Honestly, though Rosie, I wouldn’t have been able to leave that gorgeous fabric behind either! Hope you’re having a great day!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  5. Rosie

    Love all the black with the yellow/gold hues!

  6. I would have fallen too! That is wonderful fabric! I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  7. Another month or so and it’ll be porch stitting weather here. Love the fabric -it’s wonderful!


  8. Oh, Rosie…I love, love, love your new fabric! How pretty it is going to make up.
    I know you enjoy your lovely porch…and daybeds on a porch sound just like HEAVEN! Ummmmm…..talk about a stress-buster!
    hugs, bj

  9. Those are incredible…so much fun and inspiration!

    smiles, kari & kijsa

  10. Looks like your really getting geared up for the season! We haven’t had all the snow others have had but I’m ready for spring and porch sitting!!

  11. Just bopped back by again to tell you about sharing spring fun across blogland today!
    Come on over and leave this post (or another filled with spring fun!) link to share a bit of spring and wash away those winter blues!

    kari & kijsa

  12. It’s nice to try to stick to our stash but some projects require we go outside our plan. I think the fabrics you chose are perfect for your porch plans.

  13. A girl can NEVER have too much fabric or china…
    When you find the fabric that is calling your name…of course you had to have it… does that mean I’m an enabler… LoL

  14. Beautiful fabrics!

    We’re ready for some porch sitting here too!! I have chair seats to cover. Have had the fabric all winter, but want to wait for a nice day to paint the chairs, first.

  15. Love your porch! Love the fabric!
    Jen R

  16. Oh I love your porch! I can see why you fell off the wagon. LOL!

  17. Love the fabrics… LOVE LOVE your new look!!

    Have fun with decorating



  18. Well we beat you in the weather area. My husband and I sat out on our “porch” (it is really a detached laundry room—we put in a sliding screen and have rockers and bookcase and it faces the back yard –a redneck version of a porch)—anyways with the time change we could have supper out there as the sun made its descent—the mocking birds were singing, the grackels were grackelling, the wind chimes were chiming and the fountain was splashing—nice–nice–nice.

  19. Your porch will be even more beautiful with your choice of fabrics! They are terrific!

  20. Wow the porch looks beautiful. Jealous!!!

  21. Rosie: I heard the fabric calling your name all the way in PA. Of course you had to have it…it’s fabulous! You’ll have plenty of oppotunities to use your stash at a later time.

  22. Looks lovely! And what a great idea to put a day bed on the screen porch! Would have never thought of it! Glad I found your blog through kari & Kajisa’s spring blessing. I’m sure to be back!

  23. Okay…we loved the fabric…but the picture is fabulous too!

    Thanks and have a blessed day!

    smiles, kari & kijsa

  24. Love the fabrics, Rosie!! You’re not alone…I’m falling off the fabric wagon all the time–LOL! ;o) Happy week, my friend ((HUGS))

  25. The fabric choices are beautiful..how lucky you are to have that porch~I would live there for sure!


  26. Oh Rosie, your spring porch looks lovely! Porches are such a great place to spend with family and friends, or just by yourself!
    Love the fabric!

  27. Too fun! And what a view!!! I am envious!

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful lounging spot!


  28. Beautiful porch. What a lovely place to sit, relax and get away from it all.

    Great photo!

  29. Oh, just beautiful!!!!


  30. Charmingdesigns

    So Lovely ! Laurie

  31. That is wonderful fabric! Gorgeous! It will look wonderful on the table and pillows. Your porch looks like the most perfect place to hang out and read, have some tea and watch the woods.

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