A few more pouches….

Happy to say I am making some head way on using up my bits and pieces…..fabric, lace, and ribbons.

Here are three pouches I am putting in my Etsy Shop.

And this one is going to a wonderfully nice country flower I know….

I’m still on the fence on this one…..I’ve got someone in mind but not sure it fits her style….hmmm…..


Don’t you just love productive days? Wonder what tomorrow may bring……

((hugs)) Rosie


20 responses to “A few more pouches….

  1. So very lovely! Glad I found your blog.

  2. I *do* love productive days which reminds me that I should try and have one soon.


  3. HA! I love yours too, beautiful!

  4. I *do* love productive days which reminds me that I should try and have one soon.


  5. So cheerful and well those pouches just look happy…you have a great eye for combining fabric and trim… really cute..

  6. They are all lovely! You have been very productive!!

  7. They are all so pretty! I bet Manuela waas thrilled by her birthday present, too!

  8. yes! those are awesome! you got so much accomplished! i wish i could have more days like that!

  9. You have been a busy girl! They are all lovely.

  10. Rosie, I’m not seeing any pictures on here at all. I’ll check back later to see what you’ve accomplished!

    I’ve tagged you for a meme if you haven’t already done it.


  11. WOW…you HAVE been busy, friend! And, EVERY ONE of these are just adorable! You are so good at what you do.
    Oh, and I am not gonna change my red and white kitchen…I just love the red bottoms and creme uppers…and I love the idea about putting a pretty paper on the inside of my cabinets. I am going today to a craft store and see what I can fine. What do u think of trying a large black and white check? Guess I could try a little of it and see. This is gonna be fun….
    Thanks for your help.
    hugs, bj

  12. Rosie, you do beautiful work! I love them all!

  13. Rosie sweetie, these beautiful bags truly are a work of art! How I wish I had even some of your talent! Hope you’re having a wonderful day my friend!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  14. Hi Rosie!
    I think your pouches are lovely! I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

  15. Wow, Your bags are beautiful. You seem to be busy all the time…..Stacy

  16. Those pouches are gorgeous. I wish I could do things like that. Do you use a pattern or do you just create them yourself? Either way, I love the way you put your colours and fabrics together.



  17. I love absolutely all of your bags. They’re so pretty.

  18. Sweet Cottage Dreams

    Wowzers! You have been a busy little sewing bee! I need to get busy, but we have two little scotty pup as house guests. They are taking up a lot of time!


  19. Wow Rosie, you sure have been busy. Your bags are so lovely…you do very good work!

  20. I love your little pouches! I’m thinking they would be great to hold order forms and change in for vendors at craft shows. So darling!

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