I still haven’t found my little birdie but I found her nest!


Amy over at Inspireco had a wonderful project to do with plastic eggs and old books….check it out!

It inspired me to take the eggs from the nests I ordered from Kari and Kijsa’s Etsy Store and tweak them a bit. A few strips of a red floral paper and some decoupage glue and I have eggs that fit my home… if I could just find just the perfect little bird that could lay these eggs!

Have the Best of Days 🙂 Rosie

You really have to go over to Sweet Cottage Dreams Etsy Shop. She makes the most fabulous bags I have ever seen!


14 responses to “Eggs

  1. Hi Rosie! I think Becky makes amazing bags too!

    Love your little nest and I hope you find the perfect birdie!

    Happy weekend to you!


  2. How precious are these. I am thinking of ordering a nest and eggs from K & K…they do have the bestest things, don’t they?
    Could you help me with a slight problem I am having? When I try to put something on my blog, for instance, a clock, or a weather girl or something like that, I copy the htl (or whatever that is) and when I go back over to my page, enter the code number, click on Image from the web but a little note pops up to Please specify an image. I don’t know what they are talking about. (shhhh, don’t tell anyone how stupid I am…..just tell me what to do, please! lol) Sure would appreciate it….

  3. Rosie…

    That is the cutest…so glad it turned out well!

    Have a blessed day!

    smiles, kari & kijsa

  4. Rosie, That is adorable! Hope you are successful in your bird hunt!!

  5. That is a great display. The eggs came out awesome. I’m sure your birdie will arive soon……Stacy

  6. You should see Becky’s bags in person! They are exquisite!

  7. Love the nest it is so beautiful.

  8. Sweet Cottage Dreams

    Rosie, I came to visit and got a pleasant surprise to see you mentioned the bags. How so very sweet of you! They are fun to sew and I have a few more goodies up my sleeve for ETSY. It is just finding the time! ha!

    Your eggs turned out great! I love to see what you create – you have quite an imagination for textiles and do beautiful work!


  9. Very cute!

  10. How great these look! LOve it!

  11. Loving it….Smiles…Mary

  12. aughhh ……I gotta have some of those eggs….. they are sooo cute….. hummmm decoupage eggs.. with maybe an old hymnal…….cute cute
    LOL…. don’t forget to change your white dress… to your jeans

  13. I think I saw a lost birdie in my yard today. I will send it over to you right away.

  14. Very pretty pouches! My day will be “taxing”. I’m working on them this morning and hopefully getting finished.

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