Should I or shouldn’t I ?

Ever since I saw Nester’s post on doing facelift on the back of the shelves of her hutch, I have had the urge to do it to my red hutch.

So on my last trip to civilization, I picked out this a red floral paper.


It’s just stuck in there right now. I don’t know if I like it or not. I added some more….


What do you think? Should I try something else? Or, should I leave it plain?


🙂 Rosie


46 responses to “Should I or shouldn’t I ?

  1. I think I like it. You don’t have to make it a perrment thing. You can always use removeable tape like for scrapbooking.I say try it for a while.

  2. I think it’s lovely rosie! What a great idea! wouldn’t hurt to hunt for a few more backgrounds so you can have a few more options even though I think this works well! thanks so much for your input on my bench! xo chris

  3. I love that paper!! It is one of my favorites and when my local Scrapstore went out of business I bought every last piece that she had!!! So I say go for it…… the print is lovely and makes the hutch really stand out!!! And you can change it seasonally!!!
    Have a wonderful week!!!

  4. It looks very pretty, Rosie, and makes your dishes stand out. I like the ideas above to make it a movable background and maybe change it from time to time ( maybe for the seasons) with different papers. Use double stick tape or repositional tape to hold it in.

    Hugs, Pat

  5. I’m loving it! I’d tack it rather than make it permanent so that you can change it out whenever you like but it’s a lovely change and it really works beautifully 🙂


  6. Posie, I LOVE this look! It just brings your fabulous wall color and the paint color of the hutch together and makes a statement – also the hutch contents show up much better. The silver coffee pots are gorgeous – I’m crazy about the tarnished look too.

    (Perhaps make the paper removable in case you want to change to another pattern later. Great job).

  7. Sorry Rosie – a bad typo there! It’s after midnight – think I need my sleep!!

  8. I like it….honestly, i like it both ways…but I think the paper on there looks good as well!! 🙂 It definitely dresses it up a bit and gives it character! 🙂

  9. Hi Rosie, I think it looks great! The paper just seems to brighten everything and make it all pop.

  10. Hi, Rosie –
    That paper is gorgeous in your hutch. Another suggestion so it’s removable is to cut tag board or a heavy cardboard to fit on the back of the shelves. Then paper the tag board and put it in. You could have different paper on each side so you just have to turn it around. And you COULD have another set that is seasonal or something totally different! I like the look of this paper and I think it would be fun to have more than one choice. I’m looking for paper (or fabric) to do the same in my hutch. Can’t wait to see what you decide.

  11. Oh Rosie I think I love it! I like how the dishes and especially the silver looks in front of it ~ such a warm feeling. Very nice!
    You can just tack the paper in and remove it easily if you get tired of it.

  12. Adriene’s idea is a great one!!!

  13. Rosie, I love it. It looks wonderful with the color of your cabinet, your dishes and the wall color. And can I just say…I love the color of your cabinet, too!!


  14. I think it looks great with the floral paper! You could even do coordinating paper on the other shelf, maybe stripes or checks in the same colors. I love it!

  15. Keep the paper. I love that idea, it pops so much. I cabinet is so pretty too……

  16. The paper is great! Really makes the dishes stand out….the hutch is beautiful, too!

  17. Oh, I adore it for spring and summer…then in the cold winter time, you might want to change it out. Now, you’ve got ME wanting to add something to the back of my BLACK hutch…Oh, dear……Blog Land is wearing me to a frazzle!
    hugs, bj

  18. It looks quite lovely to me. And I agree with your other commenters that you can make it a temporary thing so you can change it out later. Actually, the more I think about it, it would be fun to change it out with the different seasons.

  19. I love the paper choice and it really makes everything pop!

  20. Well I dont think I can add much to this… I agree with everyone here… it makes everything pop… gives the hutch some character .. and everyting stands out… and there are some excellent ideas for making it interchangeable with the seasons… Fabulous look!!



  21. *everything not everyting

  22. I like it with everything except the rooster plates on the top shelf. Just my picky opinion. I love the color of that hutch, so deep and moody! ( kinda like me some days…hehe).

  23. Oh Rosie…. that is so pretty! You did a lovely job! the rosie paper looks awesome on your red hutch! a big 10 for you!


  24. Oh Rosie!! I am so loving it!! I want to try it…maybe on an impermanent basis, something I can change on a whim. I think yours looks wonderful!! Love the choice in paper!


  25. Rosie, I am coming late to the table here – been on jury duty. I love the paper in the back of the hutch. I am getting ready to paint my hutch red and I am also thinking about paper to place in the back…

  26. I like it alot,but I agree double tape so you can take it down if need be.

  27. Oh Rosie! Sweetie I say yes! I think it looks really lovely and just gives it some pop! You could just hold it in the cabinet with some blu tak or double sided tape if you didn’t want it to be permanent. I have an old china cabinet that was a wedding gift to my grandparents, I love it, but I updated the shelving and wow does it make a difference! I hope you’re having a lovely day and that you have a wonderful Easter sweetie. See you in a few days!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  28. OOOOOOOOOO! I like the paper! Very PRETTY! The idea of changing it out with the seasons is GREAT!

  29. Wow I love the paper with the red – the paper makes everything pop!

  30. Paper.. paper …. I love the paper…. the color looks great with the hutch….uhmmmm maybe I need to think about that too…

  31. Oh yes, it looks great. I think it really sets off the dishes. You could just put it up with double stick tape so it is easily removable if you should tire of it.

    Great idea! I may try that in my hutch.

  32. I love the floral print also – but I wonder what it would look like with a smaller print in those colors? It is just a thought, cuz I am in no way a designer at all! I love your blog by the way! Have a good day!
    Diane from Michigan!

  33. O-o-h just thought of another idea – what about gold chargers (I think they are called) but those plastic gold plates you put under your china in back of your china, it would help it stand out a little more maybe? Diane

  34. Love the pop of color and pattern! Such a great change, that you can change again when you like! Great job!!

    kari & kijsa

  35. Love it!!! My china cabinets have mirror backs so I can’t try the Nester paper idea.


  36. I love the paper and what is so nice is when you get tired of that paper you can change it again or take it down for a new look.
    I did the same thing to a china hutch I have and I just used push pins and it looks great.
    Thanks for your comments on my blog about Culinary school. 🙂 Bren

  37. Oh yes, Rosie! Go for it!

  38. I’m so glad I visited you! I am trying to decide the same thing with my hutch – leave it plain or add some paper? I just don’t like things overly busy … 🙂

  39. I love it…I think you made a great choice!

  40. Rosie, So are you going to leave the paper? I think you will like it.

  41. Rosie, I LOVE IT! 🙂

    Easter blessings,


  42. the wallpaper is lovely and so is your hutch.

  43. Definite DO! I think it looks lovely.


  44. I love the paper it really make your china stand out. You have great ideas when it comes to decorating, I love them.

  45. I had been thinking of doing the same and you’ve convinced me!

    It looks beautiful 🙂

  46. ‘Mornin’, Rosie girl….
    I was just wondering what you decided on doing with the back of this fabulous red hutch…..did you use the paper or leave it as is? Either way, it is a knock-out piece. You have such a cute house!
    Hope your weekend is great!
    hugs, bj

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