A little more white stuff…..


I wasn’t planning on blogging this weekend but I had to share this picture of how pretty the snow was falling early this morning. We are only getting a dusting….so I can keep my good humor. Perhaps this is our last “onion” snow.

I wasn’t planning any Spring cleaning until next month when I could open some windows on a nice day……but my couches have just been bugging me! I have animals and after awhile…..no matter how often you vacuum, you are left with a “yuck” feeling about the state they may be in.

So, I pulled off the covers from the loose pillow on the back and the seat cushions threw them in my washer on delicate/cold…..hung them to dry…..and prayed they would fit back on the inserts. While they were drying, I took a weak solution of detergent and warm water and scrubbed the heck out of the rest of the couch.

Then came the moment of truth……Pillow inserts aired outside…..covers dried outside….couch scrubbed as good as I could get it……Did every thing fit back together?


Yes!! The back covers shrunk just enough to firm up the back cushion again! Yeah!!

A Spring job accomplished…….the momentum is growing 🙂 Rosie


17 responses to “A little more white stuff…..

  1. Good Morning Rosie!
    I think your couch loks fabulous! I do that with my couch every month or so.. (we have three dogs, one sheds horribly!) I love it when the covers thighten up a bit and it makes the couch look new again. I hope that you have a fabulous Easter! Enjoy your family!

  2. Hi Rosie. I so know what you mean about animals. I have dog and long-haired white cat. I vacuum and vacuum. I cannot remove my covers, but I do scrub.
    Have a happy Easter.

  3. What lovely snow! It is hard to believe it is snowing in the spring! We had some the other night too, but it didn’t stick.

    I love your couch! It is very cute.

    Have a blessed Easter with your family!

    He is RISEN!!!!

    ~ Sharon

  4. Your sofa looks great! I know what you mean about that little shrinkage problem … that’s happened to me a few times! I love the paper you’ve chosen for your cabinet a couple of posts down … it looks great!

    Have a blessed Easter!!


  5. Hello Rosie, I see you everywhere I go so I think it’s about time I introduce myself 🙂

    I woke up to the same snow this morning… also here in PA. Where in PA are you?

    Congratulations on your spring cleaning. I’m way far behind. Happy Easter!

    God Bless

  6. Wow you have more energy than I do… I just got the vacuum out and ran it over the couches and ….thats… that….
    I do so love my dogs … but they do NOT make it easy to keep the house clean…. espably when they are big outside dogs that live inside LOL

  7. oops … proof read.. Linda… proof read…
    especially…. is what I wanted to say… I don’t know what espably is….

  8. Your couch looks great!I ned to wash my covers too… Did you uploster that yourself?
    Jen R

  9. Your couch is adorable! We have pets too…so i totally understand what you mean about feeling dirty even when it is “clean”.
    Oh…how I wish i could have your sense of good humor about the snow…We have LOTS and just yesterday we had none. I am sooo ready for spring!!!
    I hope you have a wonderful Easter!!!! xoxo

  10. Ah, Spring cleaning! Can you believe I like to Spring clean?? Enjoy your fresh smelling, cozy couch. By the way, I’ve found that taking the covers out of the dryer while they are barely damp helps with stretching them back in place. Just a thought for next time.

    Happy Easter!

  11. Sweet Cottage Dreams

    That is just wonderful! Isn’t it great when the smallest of things works out!?

    Have a wonderful Easter, Rosey.

  12. Hi Rosie

    Your risk was worth it–lucky you! Enjoy your holiday!


  13. Hey Neighbor:)!
    Onion snow? Oh man, I love that!!! I don’t think I ever heard that term before but it sounds like something my grandmother would have said.
    We had a little snow today, too in Ohio. Oh, glad your couch went back together!

  14. Your snow photo is magical, Rosie! Still here in southern PA visiting we had a similar scene yesterday morning, but the white quickly melted away…thankfully–LOL! It’s so chilly, not at all spring-like. But seeing your floral, pretty sofa makes me thing of days on the porch to come! Happy Easter weekend to you &yours, my friend! ((HUGS))

  15. I hope that you have a great Easter. Katie

  16. That is one fine looking couch, Rosie! I know what you mean about critters and furniture…sometimes the furniture needs a GOOD cleaning besides the constant vacuuming. Hope you had a good Easter.

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