The Curtain


So what is hiding behind my curtain? An area of shame. An area that needs reworked, reorganized, rethought……..cleaned and painted!

It is a large room, 8′ x 8′, that holds my pantry, my laundry…..and. I know this will gross out some of you, the kitty litter pans. It has to be that way, I have 3 older cats that will sometimes make the trip to the basement utility room…..but I can’t take the chance that they won’t.

Next week is a trip to Walmart for new storage bins, s hooks, and hopefully premade shower curtains to do a little separating and cordoning off of offensive areas and storage areas.

This will be a big Spring project but one long overdue. Stay-tuned for the finished results!

What area of your house is the most neglected?

((hugs)) Rosie


25 responses to “The Curtain

  1. Wow, sounds like a big project Rosie! Good old spring cleaning. I’ve got to do my whole house!
    Have fun.

  2. Good Morning Rosie!
    What a lovely curtain to hide the mess behind!
    Hhhmmm… negleted… I’d say my drawers and cupboards.. they are a disaster! Luckily I can hide all of our crazy junk in them and don’t ahve to look at it everyday. I am in a slow process of cleaning out one drawer/cupboard at a time, but damn! It is taking forever!
    Hop eyou will share before/after pics!

  3. I would have to say the cabinets underneath the bathroom sink and my office are the most neglected. I sit in a mess of papers while I write this. I’m surprised my family can find me in here LOL

    Rue 🙂

  4. Oh, Rosie, Oh, Rosie…..
    First of all, I am in LUV with that curtain! Precious!
    Next, I worked all day long on my most HORRIBLE walk-in closet yesterday and altho no one probably cares about a closet, I aim to post pictures of it anyway!! I am so proud to get it done…..
    Next project for me is my utility closet…this is a closet that houses my washer and dryer…I will join in with your post and post it ….AS SOON AS I GET IT CLEANED UP AND CUTE!! 😦
    HUGS, bj

  5. Well, with such a pretty curtain you can hide all you want–love the curtain!

  6. For me the most neglected area of my house is all the closets and cupboards…I need to clean out and throw out. Soon. Now I am working on repainting, redecorating and fluffing a couple of areas of my house.

  7. What a LOVELY curtain Rosie! Who cares what’s behind that curtain – it’s pretty enough to hide anything! I have an area in the mud room that I wish I could put a curtain over but I can’t figure out how to rig one up. The most neglected would be my ebay closet where I store what I sell – I can never, ever get it organized!

    Good luck & I’ll be anxious to see the finished result pictures!

  8. But its such a pretty curtain! You just have one messy room????? Come visit me with all my messy rooms – UGH! Rachael:)

  9. Wow, now that sounds like a project. Isn’t it fun when you get motivated to work on a certain area…I just love that. I think my next project is going to be my bedroom….I will have to strip the wallpaper first. Now I can dream of what I am going to do to that space. Good Luck. Dianntha

  10. Sorry.I smelled my name wrong…thats Dianntha….LOL on of those days I guess. Dianntha

  11. Everyone I know has lots of areas like that. I call them a catch all. When you can’t find anywhere to put it just add it to the collection of stuff. I have a hard time staying organized once I do organize something, it always seems to go back to the same old mess. I could use help also……Stacy

  12. Lovely rose patterned curtains! No never grossed out by kitty litter is gross when they go outside the box so having them close for the oldsters is just wise! All kitty owners understand..I say love me love my kitties and all that goes with them.
    sunkissed in AZ..hugs NG

  13. What “area”?, you mean “areaS”!!! And the stuff in that room doesn’t sound like anything to be ashamed of if you ask me! We have our kitty litter right next to the dining room table (hmm – I never thought of that as being gross, maybe I need to rethink!) And the curtain is very beautiful! I think I would just stick with that! I bought a shower curtain last week from Target, and it was quite expensive!

    And next week we here in Michigan have spring break, and I feel like I will be the lone person remaining in Michigan – so guess what I am doing – cleaning one of “those areas”, ah such bliss!

    I love your blog by the way! I lurk often.

    Hugs from Michigan – Diane

  14. I think my most neglected space is our “guest room.” In actuality it is more of a junk room, currently holding one bed, two dressers, one table, all my crafting materials, cushions for the outdoor furniture, a bathroom vanity that is waiting for a bathroom, and my daughter’s drum set. Aaaarrrgh!

    Happy cleaning, Rosie!

  15. At least you have a very pretty way of hiding the clutter… mine is laundry room cabinets and closets … gosh I wish I was organized…. but… I’m not… I was for about a week… then it went away ….sigh

  16. I think the curtain is an excellent idea. What you can’t see can’t bother you, well not too much. I am so very lucky that my DH stays home and takes care of the house so the only shamefully neglected thing is probably him. Must go and tell him how much I appreciate all he does.

  17. I love the curtain fabric; it’s very pretty. My shameful area is the garage right now. It’s been an easy place to store things for so many years now that I’m at the point of wanting to chuck everything out.

  18. Love the curtain! Excellent and beautiful disguise!

    kari & kijsa

  19. I need to put a curtain around our… READY???… Christmas tree that is still up sans ornaments. My husband wants to replace lights and hasn’t gotten to it yet. Needless to say, I haven’t invited anyone to dinner recently!

    I’m a first time visitor… love your candleabras(sp?) with the tea cups. They are such a conversation piece. Love, love, love them!
    Joni (of Yummers)

  20. Great idea – think I will start making loads of curtains !
    hoganfe handbags

  21. Well, regardless what’s behind the curtain, the fabric is very nice. A wonderful distraction.


  22. Love, love, love the curtain. I can’t think of a prettier way to hide stuff…

    Debbie Kay

  23. This is so funny! I have that Waverly pattern in my family room and the curtain is covering up my pantry! Great minds really do think a like 🙂

    My messy area is our garage. But we will be having a garage sale next month and I hope to be able to organize it afterward.


  24. Good luck with the clutter, I have my own difficult spots but none have a pretty curtain like that! I keep seeing you leave comments on some of my fav blogs so I finally decided to visit you! Love your projects and look forward to seeing more. Now I’ll have to go check your etsy store. I have one too!

  25. My home office is the worst room (well, apart from my 14 year old son’s, LOL). The furniture is ugly (a hand-down), the curtains are ugly, and there is too much clutter in an otherwise fairly uncluttered house.



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